If you’ve just watched the video above, you’ll obviously know that this is my Sarenza Ambassador competition entry, quite a bit different to my normal posts. I didn’t want to do the typical blgger article of ‘I remember when I got my first pair of…’ or ‘I love shoes THIS much’, so opted to make a video instead to be a bit more creative (and make a fool of myself in the process!).

I’m sure all of you readers know how much I would adore being an ambassador; in all of my outfit posts each week I tend to talk mindlessly about shoes and some of you have actually got in touch with me before now, asking how to wear certain styles which is always lovely!

So yes, just a little apology for having a competition post up instead of my usual outfit post, it’ll all be back to normal after the weekend.
Hope you enjoy watching me look daft. Wish me luck!

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