December 31st always seems like a fitting time to take a step back and reflect on the past year, whilst setting out your hopes for the next. Of course, we all know we could make resolutions for change at any time, but the closing of a year feels like a fresh start and a chance to start over again, so why not, eh?

So, twenty twelve. How was it? I’ve re-written this a hundred (well, not quite) times trying to be only positive. It wasn’t the best year but it certainly wasn’t the worst. We lost a dear family friend to a long battle with cancer. Rich and I made wedding plans and then had to cancel and postpone and I’ve done too many night shifts than I care to remember. However, I went for afternoon tea for the first time, ate far too many cakes and drank gallons of tea. We went to Manchester and saw Morissey again because I’m a loony fan girl. I’ve been offered five amazing jobs for when I finish my degree in a months time. I went to Wilderness festival, ate lots of peanutbutter crumpets and did lots of crafting with my bestie. I also learnt a little bit too much information about her that I would rather like to forget, however, she also got her fair share of that from me when I was in hospital a month or so ago. Ahem. I was bizarrely nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award and of course, Marks and Sparks started selling veggie Percy Pigs (which could possibly be the best news of the past twelve months).

Well, now it’s time for twenty thirteen. Despite the other job offers, I’ve got an interview for my dream, dream, dream job in a couple of days so my fingers are firmly crossed for that. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of being a skint student and cannot wait. If I’ll be in my dream job, then even better.

All I want from 2013 is to be content. Happy with what I have and finding pleasure in the simple things in life. Here’s to that.


Dress – Lashes of London | Neckalce – Pilgrim at 
A post to simply wish you all a very, Merry Christmas! I hope everybody enjoys a joyful couple of days filled with excitement, wonderment, family and yummy food (all important!). 
Here are a few snippets of what Christmas looks like in our house this year. I’ve just finished my snowman hot chocolate stirring sticks (extraordinarily yummy – marshmallows on skewers with oreo and rolo hats – melt chocolate to stick them together and voila, decorate til your heart is content!). Fleur is prancing around in her Father Christmas outfit and kitty Ludo is snoozing somewhere, so I couldn’t take a photo of him – no favouritism honest! 😉 I’d love to hear what you are all getting up to over the next few days, and I’d love even more for you to share any lovely recipes you may have up your sleeves! Now, I’m off to dance around in todays party dress, to festive songs in the kitchen. Happy Holidays, everyone!