You know, I really had the most lovely weekend. Not only did I get to go for lunch with some of my favourite blogging friends but I was treated by Westfield Stratford to fifty pounds to find some bargains. As it’s almost the end of january, I did worry that sales might be few and far between but that certainly wasn’t the case! Bargains galore surrounded me as I wandered up and down the aisles, feeling rather spoilt for choice! I decided on two pairs of patterned trousers from Forever 21, some lovely shoes from New Look, a handful of various underwear, a new lipstick and some Lush goodies. I considered showing you them in this post, however I’ve settled on wearing them over the next few posts to show you gradually (though, not the underwear of course!). It’s certainly worth hopping on the tube for a few stops to Westfield and having a browse; you’ll be surprised at what lovely, wonderful things you’ll find! Thank you to Megan for organising this for me.

After a being all shopped out, I popped to Spitalfields to Patisserie Valerie to meet with Lauren, Ella and Aisling. All three have the most wonderful blogs; Ella is so beautiful and talented, she’s sure to make you envious of her artistic skills, Aisling is impeccably chic with her glorious red locks, Lauren always entertains with her dabbles in fashion and beauty and well, is frankly just hilarious. I adore sharing the (blog) love; go and give them a read. Anyway, I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach as I attempted to devour a giant Mille Feuille that was in hindsight, probably enough to share. Whoops! I laughed for hours; so good for the soul.

Coat – Primark | Dress – ASOS | Shoes – ASOS | Bag – La Moda | Necklace – Vintage


The wonderful white stuff has gone at last which means I can finally resume taking photographs. Don’t get me wrong, I could have taken some but I just didn’t fancy standing about shivering, y’know! In case you’re thinking, ‘she didn’t really wear those shoes when it’s this cold’, I can tell you I certainly did. Boy did I feel like a moron when I got home and felt like I had frost bite! My poor toes. Embracing the hope of some sun with sunglasses too, a little optimistic perhaps, but that never hurt anyone. There is a bizarre thing going on with my hair in these photos – the top of my head appears grey and ginger tinged. Not loving it, I can’t lie – though, I promise it doesn’t look like that in person. Honest, eep.
I really don’t wear these trousers enough. I call them my rupert bear trousers as they’re obviously checked, but I’ve since realised Rupert’s are very bright yellow and not actually similar in the slightest. Never mind, the name has already stuck! I think they’re perfect to pair with these shoes and my boucle jacket. You could sell me anything with a Chanel label on it, so the similar style of this jacket was always going to win my heart. Swoooon.
I’ve spent the day basically talking to myself as I have a presentation for uni that I need to learn by heart, bit bored of my own voice now, I’ll admit! Bloomin’ can’t wait for uni to be over and I can stop whinging/worrying about it all – sorry for the tedious natter until then. Popping to london on Saturday for a very much needed hair cut, to do some bargain hunting at Westfield Stratford and to grab some tea and cake with my favourite blogger gal pals which will be rather lovely – can’t wait. If you fancy coming too, just tweet me! Now, I guess I’d better get back to talking to myself like a loon 😉
Trousers – H&M | Jumper – Sosolo | Jacket – Apricot | Shoes – Kurt Geiger 
Necklace – Vintage | Sunglasses – Forever 21