My motto in life (well hardly an actual motto, but y’know) is if it’s grim outside, dress like it’s a bright day and stay indoors so you can pretend it’s not. That’s certainly what I did today anyhow, dressed in a weather inappropriate pretty cotton shirt and pinafore, surrounded by daffodils and plenty of cups of tea. I know it’s time for tea, because I’ve got a super wonderful new watch (see what I did there).

Olivia Burton have the most darling of time pieces, all with such a lovely hints of vintage so perfect for ladies with taste like mine! My particular watch is a bird print scarf watch which ties at the wrist, something I thought would feel rather like a piece of jewellery than a watch (though, I suppose watches are considered jewellery anyway, but I hope you catch my drift) and it certainly does which is nice. It’s so light on my wrist which means I’ll actually wear it; anything too bulky, heavy or tight and I’m likely to take it off within minutes (I’m looking at you, retro casio).

Now having this as my new time-telling friend, I’m already finding myself poking around the rest of the range on their website. I have my eye on one with a ‘classic’ strap next, perhaps the floral, or colour crush, or animal motif. I’m getting carried away, whoops. Just FYI, f you love it as much as it takes my fancy, you can purchase from Joy the Store or direct emailing the lovely ladies over at hello@oliviaburton.com.


I’ve ‘officially’ found my favourite place in the world. I’ve heard so many people speak of theirs that I always felt a little left out, not having a place to turn to that would guarantee a delighted Emily. This all changed recently when Rich and I took Fleur to Shingle Street, a teeny tiny hamlet which is quite literally a street of houses built on the shingle beach. It’s so isolated and quiet with only the odd fisherman dotted in the distance to remind you you’re not at the edge of the world. Every time we’ve visited it’s been so warm, with the sea calm beneath our toes and not a hint of a breeze. The first time I visited I was so in awe of the serenity and calm; I knew it was definitely my favourite place in all the world.

We went back today; with a picnic in tow. It was warm for hours (as per usual) and I danced around in my gingham dress in the shingle having kicked off my boots. A playlist of my favourite songs playing from my phone and tea and scones at the ready. It did sadly get a little chilly as the day went on, luckily my gloves were safely tucked in to my pocket just in case. Now we’re home, I feel on top of the world and as if I’ve had enough time away to have my faith restored in the world and all my stresses melted away. I’ll leave you today with the saccharine message etched on my flask; I’m a sucker for quotes so I hope it’ll will touch you as much as it does me every time I read it out over my lidful of tea.

‘Freedom, Harmony, Discipline. Seek Sweetness and Wisdom; Something to Love and Something to Hope For. Have Mercy, Give, Be Curious, Be Playful, Keep Looking Upwards. Let the Sun Shine in. There is Nobody like You. Be Magnificient. Everything in Moderation, including Moderation. Never Stop Learning, Co-operate and Collaborate; GROW’

Dress – Joe Browns | Coat – Pretty Little Thing | Hat – Vintage | Watch – Micheal Kors | Flask – Aardvark


There’s a certain something – though I’m not sure what exactly – about this dress and shirt combination, that reminds me of a disney princess. I don’t know what it is, but when Rich announced the exact same thought, it made me rather happy all the same. Perhaps it’s the colours, the patterns, the big ol’ collar; it just seems that this shirt and dress were wonderfully, coincidentally made to be worn together. Now, I just need one of those wonderful viv’ westwood heart bags and my disney theme will feel rather complete. I’m wearing some delightful pieces of jewellery I haven’t showed you before, too; my horseshoe earrings (who doesn’t need a little bit of luck everyday? Perhaps they’ll stop me tripping up so much, ahem) and my vintage opal fire ring. Such beautiful pieces that my list of eclectic eccentricity wishes has grown longer.

Another day, another stroll exploring my sleepy town. There was a time I hated what little goings on there are and longed for the wide awake lights of London, but having spent rather alot of time in the city of late, I’m starting to appreciate the slow pace and quiet of my near-seaside town. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I have to explain to confused local expressions what I do on this here blog, that I long to be somewhere where every man and his dog write one. I’m starting to appreciate it slowly but surely. I can’t help but wonder, if any of you are the same? A little note too, to say sorry (though I’m not sure why) for not showing you my short(ish) hair yet. I just happen to keep wearing my extensions everytime we take some snaps, but rest assured I’m sure it’ll make an appearance soon.

Coat – Pretty Little Thing | Blouse – Lovestruck | Dress – In Love With Fashion | Shoes – ASOS 
Satchel – Cambridge Satchel Co | Jewellery – Eclectic Eccentricity