How many cats can you spot in these photos? Gold stars for anyone that gets them all from the ones in my ears to each of the moggies adorning my dress.

Rich and I were treated to afternoon tea a week or so ago, by Dreams Beds, as a way to give me back an hour (seeing as we lost one with it becoming british summer time). We had such a wonderful time nibbling on the delicate sandwiches, delicious pastries and indulgent cakes. What a treat it was. You know what, Dreams are giving away similar hours over on their Twitter account if you fancy yourself lucky! 😉

The outfit of choice as I mentioned, was my new cat print dress that has become a regular dress of choice along with my cat earrings, of course. They are just so cute with their hand drawn kitty faces, they’ve not left my ears since. There’s jewellery like this galore at Ginger Pickle, so have a peek for more pretties! My new Florian bag came along for the trip too – the patent tan matched the dress perfectly. I say this every time, but I really have used this bag non-stop. It’s perfect in every way – pretty darn beautiful to look at whilst being so functional and big enough for all my bits and bobs (read – junk). A definite winner and my ‘must have’ in the lovely bag stakes.

I’m having cravings for more afternoon tea already, having to look back at these photos! Whoops. Tea and cake, here I come.

Dress – Bang Good | Shoes – Kurt Geiger | Bag – Florian London | Earrings – Ginger Pickle


A pretty girly outfit for a day in the sun! What wonderful warmer weather it has been, don’t you think? I adore my new backpack or my Mi-Pac, to be precise! Isn’t it a delight? The print is so wonderful and summery. Paired with my pink pinafore, sweet ballet shoes and season appropriate butterfly necklace (Ladybird Likes!), I feel ever so dainty and feminine! So, since last time I blogged about house hunting, we’ve found a little railway cottage we rather love and have put in an offer (eep!). It’s strange to be in this position, as it feels like we’ve been saving forever. As I said before, I don’t quite feel grown-up enough to buy a house. Still as childish as ever but I doubt that will change 😉

In a way, I can’t wait to have bought somewhere and kind of go back to normal; to be able to have to odd shopping trip here or here is something in particular I’m looking forward to. It’s awful really, but the longer we’ve been saving, the more I’ve been eyeing up somewhat pricey designer pieces. I don’t understand it, you’d think I’d be content with primark, I haven’t been shopping for so long! 😉 This weeks designer perfection I’ve taken a liking to, is this divine Vivienne westwood number. Is it a beaut or is it a beaut? The print is so wonderful I can’t stop thinking about it. Better get saving my pennies, eep! Other than Repertoire, I’ve of course made a list as long as my arm of Topshop pretties and goodness knows how much next homeware (why does it all have to be so bloomin’ lovely?).

The my favourite voucher codes site has been saving me money to make up for it though, so that makes it better, right?  It’s a charity-giving voucher codes (duh Emily, it is called my favourite voucher codes) website with constantly fab deals and god knows I love a bargain – 10% off at debenhams? How could I say no? I’ve downloaded their app so I can be super savvy on the go, who’s with me? Over and out, off to dream of decorating our new home…

Pinafore – Mary Jane Fashion | Shirt – French Connection | Shoes – Sarenza 
Bag – Mi-Pac | Necklace – Ladybird Likes


Well there’s a sneaky peak at how I store my jewellery for all you nosy folk 😉 (just kidding). So I’m sure you’ve noticed that rose gold is definitely ‘having a moment’ right now. The little birds over at John Greed Jewellery have been chatting to me about the ‘look of 2013‘ and I’m certainly fond, that’s for sure.. What’s your opinion on it? I think it’s ever so lovely, and being a gold-rather-than-silver girl, it’s wonderful to be able to mix it up a little too, mixing and matching with classic gold styles. What’s handy for a girl like me that plays it safe with colour (you say boring, I say safe), is that rose gold is surprisingly neutral so it goes with most of my outfits without leaving me feeling fidgety and mismatching. I think i’m going to ease myself in to the trend slowly, with their heart earrings (cute huh?) because, well, what a bargain at ten bucks. I say that, but I’m already finding it difficult not to add this darling bright star necklace (rose gold too, duh) to my basket. Watch this space to see me adorned in the warm pinky hues in the future (I’m certain, I know I have no will power!). Are you a rose gold lover too?