Now that summer seems to have finally arrived, I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking about swimwear. The stores are starting to be filled with this season’s must-have beachwear and I’m feeling a little spoiled for choice. One thing is usually for certain though – you’re usually either a bikini or a one-piece gal. It’s a theory that I’ve had for a while and this article revealed that I’m (well, kind of) right. You might think that the bikini is the most popular form of swimwear, but you’d actually be wrong. Only 18% of the women interviewed said they’d wear a bikini this year apparently, while 57% said that they choose a one-piece because it’s more figure flattering. Food for thought, huh? Thing is though, I’m never sure which I am.
I suppose swimwear has become a big business because we’re all looking for the perfect suit. Swimwear and underwear retailer Figleaveshas apparently recently turned its first profit, and it wouldn’t be too wild a guess to suppose this has happened thanks to the range and variety on offer. The next time pay day rolls around their sweetheart neck Just Peachy bikini will be mine, I tell ya (oh that print, so pretty)!
Personally, this year I’m trying to work out which is for me. There are far more vintage styles available nowadays and I think either can be flattering to every body type. The beauties above photographed are from Ted Baker and To Die For. Both new additions to my wardrobe and now I’m longing for somewhere hot to wear them with a pair of oversized celeb-worthy sunnies (you know the type I mean). The swimsuit is really retro nautical, whilst the bikini frills are just too sweet for words. Maybe I’m a swimsuit and bikini girl after all…?


Rather a little while ago now, I was sent a lovingly packed box – a ‘luxury night in’ pack, infact. Crammed full courtesy of Pure Collection, I was treated to some gorgeous bath goodies and a candle (of course), some wonderfully soft socks to pop on afterwards, and then a film to watch whilst munching on some posh chocs. Sounds like a dream and it was.

In this day and age (crikey, I sound like an old lady – just call me Granny Emily), I really think it’s important to take a step back and relax from time to time. Sadly, I got a bit carried away with my chocolates and forget to snap and photos so you’ll have to take my word for it that boy, they were yummy.

Getting in to a freshly made bed (that clean sheet feeling, you know what I’m talking about) after a hot bubbly bath, with my new socks in tow and watching a film with Rich was my perfect opportunity to have a restful night in. Thank you Pure Collection!