It seems that this casual look has seen me through summer thus far and will probably continue. Of course, I’ve not been wearing the exact same clothes again and again, just different variations of dungarees and baggy t-shirts. I like to think it looks a little chic, when paired with a divine (see what I did there) pair of exotic leopard flats and some cat eye sunglasses. My shoes are from Ugg, and although I will willingly admit I thought it might be silly to be wearing sheepskin and suede lined shoes in the middle of summer, I will quite happily admit I was oh so wrong. That comfy, snug-as-a-bug feeling your toes get when tucked up in a pair of cosy boots in winter is much the same in these but simply without the heat. I don’t know why, all I know is that I adore them and you’ll have to fight me for them – they’re not leaving my feet any time soon 😉

I’ve been so busy working on the launch of something ever so exciting – Whimsy Online (follow on Twitter here and Facebook here) which is launching on the 1st August. I’m not going to say too much as it will spoil the surprise, but come and follow the social media accounts to find out more…

Dungarees – She Likes | T-shirt – H&M | Satchel – The Leather Satchel Co. | Shoes – Ugg Australia


Strolling through a forest looking probably a little too bohemian than is in normal for me, I felt on top of the world. Leaving my phone behind at home, suddenly being disconnected from technology was strangely nice. Free to wander, completely unaware of the time, taking in every little detail of my surroundings, I got lost. Lost, but not in a panicky sort of way, rather in a tranquil way that I sort of enjoyed. How often do we quite literally stray from the beaten track? I eventually found my way and felt entirely refreshed once home. I’d quite recommend you all to try it every so often, though be safe! When life gets loud and unruly, remember you can always go and find some quiet.

Dress – Select | Headband – The ‘Emily’ at Beauxoxo | Sandals – Sarenza | Sunglasses – Forever 21