Well after my last post being so autumnal, I really didn’t think I’d be whipping out the dresses and sandals again! The past weekend was bizarrely warm that out came my HushHush sunglasses and favourite Miss Patina frock. I’ve wanted to show you all this pretty for so long, but I had to get it taken in before I could wear it, and I’ve only just had it returned to me. Miss Patina dresses are really and truly divine. If vintage is your thing but you struggle to find authentically retro pieces that fit like I do, Miss Patina’s inspired designs are for you. I’m head over heels with mine. Custom fitting dresses are definitely where it’s at!

Away for a weekend spa break courtesy of my darling other half, Rich, these photos were taken in the rather stunning grounds. It’s safe to say I’m feeling thoroughly relaxed after a couple of days of steam rooms and massages, plus delicious food and drink. Now I’m back home and off to pick up some new specs. Back to reality with a bump now, huh?

Dress – Miss Patina | Shoes – Sarenza | Bag – The Leather Satchel Co


I’m stepping in to Autumn in my own way! Snapping up a couple of style basics for the coming months whilst styling them in way that won’t let go of the sun just yet, suits me just fine. I tell ya, I’m quite the trench coat addict. Every year (no word of a lie!) I end up with a new trench coat whether I need one or not – I think it’s the classic style and shape that appeals to me – that or thinking I’m a detective in a 1940s mystery film – you can take your pick at my reasoning! 😉

I normally go for the uber classic camel shade, but this year I’m going all out in this chic deep red. I genuinely think I prefer this autumnal hue to my usual staple – it’s so much more of a statement and rather conveniently matches the pale shades of my rosy cheeks and red lips. I’ve styled it with a dress worn as a top (I’m not the only one that does this, right?!) that’s dotted with rusty hues to make the colour of the coat pop, plus some denim shorts and bare legs whilst it’s just about still acceptable to go without tights!

If you fancy some more trench coat inspiration, head over to the Laura Ashley blog where you can see my snaps along with some other sassy ladies!

Coat – Laura Ashley | Dress worn as top – Topshop | Shorts – Topshop | Boots – Laura Ashley