Don’t you just love those slightly hazy, rather warm autumn days? Today has been just that. Having gotten in to the firm habit of trips to the seaside for dog walks with Fleur over the summer, it turns out it’s been hard to break now it’s slightly colder. Both Rich and I had been craving the salty air and skimming stones in to the sea, so this morning we set off and enjoyed a stroll, stopping only for a cup of tea to warm our hands. I was somewhat tricked by the sun in to thinking I could have a day without tights, but I returned home with blue-tinged legs from the harsh winds! I won’t be making that mistake again, that’s for sure! The rest of the day so far has been spent sorting pretty frocks (the eager eyed amongst you may notice up in the navigation bar that I’m holding a blog sale), so please have a look and give my belongings loving new homes!

Lately, things in my life have been turned on their head somewhat. With our new house, career decisions to be made and many other changes afoot (more on that at a later date), I’ve stumbled in to a very happy place. I’m finding it almost bizarre, as mass change normally finds me stressed. Perhaps a page has turned from that chapter, because I’m content as I ever was. It’s not just the big life things, I’m also happy in myself. So often people spend years and years wanting to change things about themselves, whether it’s their hair or their body shape, and I’ll openly admit I have been one of them. It wasn’t until I read this MYA article on ‘the perfect body’ and found myself chuckling, that I realised I’m completely satisfied and at ease with the way I look. It’s really a rather wonderful place to find yourself in, almost a sense of relief, even.

I think there may be some changes on the horizon for this blog, so that it grows along with me. I hope you’ll all enjoy the new direction that is to come at some point in the future, whenever that may be.


This is the last of the posts from me without tights, it seems. It’s bizarrely hailing outside after a really warm couple of days (though, truth be told, I did infact have a leather jacket on with this outfit). I’ve never been one to dress sensibly but if I carry on like this now the weather has officially turned, I fear I’ll get hypothermia. I’m probably looking a little too summer considering it’s October. Okay, make that definitely. I just don’t like winter, y’know? Open toed shoes are just so much prettier than boots. Clearly this is me trying to protest somewhat. Anyway…!

I wish I had something vaguely exciting to put in this post, but alas. The next couple of days are going to be spent watching Rich and his Dad re-laying floorboards in our hallway and other general house renovation bits, whilst I sit huddled under my new urbanara blanket with a cuppa. Sorry (not sorry) for all the home talk for any of you that aren’t particularly interested, but it’s pretty all consuming right now! Perhaps I’ll do a house tour when we’re done…

Top – Topshop | Skirt – Bank | Shoes – Sarenza | Bag – Pepa Loves


Deciding to change or do up a room in your house really can be a daunting decision. Where do I start? What should I do? For us, it’s a case of the entire house (eep) – but when it’s just one room or two, the are some little touches you can add to make a place yours. As I’m living and breathing DIY and finishing touches, I thought a post like this might be nice! Doing up a room in your house can be really very expensive, especially if you want to re-plaster or rewire like we need to in order to truly make the room your own. Perhaps you’re renting a room or a house, either way, often you’re left living in rooms that don’t make you happy and really don’t feel like your own.

Your place should make you happy, home is where the heart is after all and doing this without emptying your bank account is easier than you first though – it’s the little things that really transform your room and here are a few of my tips to give you a helping hand:
1.   Cushions – cushions give a more luxurious feel to any room, ensuring that it’s somewhere that you really do want to sit down and relax in. There is nothing better than having a fluffy cushion to snuggle up against when it’s cold so choose one with different fabrics, textures and feels to get the most from them. Perfect for hiding behind too, when being forced in to watching scary films (ahem)
2.  Throws – if you’ve moved house, there is a possibility that your sofa does not fit with the colour scheme of the new house. Instead of having to withstand colour clashes until you one day replace your sofa, buying a throw to cover it solves the problem and is considerably cheaper! This is perfect for when you’re renting and can’t decorate. If you’re really adventurous, you could cover the sofa in new fabric. I’m not quite that brave myself..
3.  Coffee tables – probably one of the more expensive yet most transformative options is buying a coffee table. They help to fill any vacant space and also give you more space to put your knick knacks and so on (I have plenty!). For us, we’ve gone for one from Sainsbury’s as they’re reasonably priced and had a good range to choose from. Choose between glass tops for a modern look and solid wood for something traditional. Again though, you could always do a bit of DIY and paint yours!
4.  Photos – photos of your family, your favourite places or just token silly faces will really help to make you feel like your place is your own. They all reflect you and your personality and help you put your mark on a room without costing a fortune. In our previous house I created a collage wall! This is great if you have recessed areas and all you need to do is attach photos, pictures and other decorative bits and bobs you like. Simple!
These tips and tricks are genuine and from the heart, but this post was written in collaboration with Sainsbury’s. If you want to add little touches that have a big impact to your home then coffee tables from Sainsbury’s are a great idea. Take a look at theircollection online today and browse their entire homeware collection for more inspiration.