Nothing like a casual day to sport a rather slouchy outfit. This style is rather different to my ‘normal look’ but it makes a nice change, don’t you think? My favourite thing about this, is how you can throw on a pair of heels with what are essentially as comfortable as pyjamas and look pretty chic (even if I do say so myself). Win win all round, I say! Add a leather jacket, a couple of pieces of rather awesome jewellery (Frida Khalo necklace, I’m looking at you..) and a pair of sunglasses to hide your eyes from the winter glare and you are good-to-go.

To sum up, the past week has been all about press lunches and collaborations, trying to decide which pair of J Brand Jeans I’m going to buy (I’m currently thinking the silver pair…), picking new house bits from Furniture Plus Online, Christmas lights switch on’s, more DIY (tell me it will all be worth it soon) and baking delicious goods (watch this space, there’s a recipe a’coming your way!). Feeling pretty exhausted, I must say!

To get me in to the Christmas – yes I said Christmas – spirit early, I’m holding a giveaway over on my Facebook page! You can win tickets to Clothes Show Live just by liking my page and the post! Go, go, go – what are you waiting for?!

T-Shirt – Topshop | Trousers – Ossie Clark | Shoes – ASOS | Necklace – Jewellery by Jaymie


Do you ever have those weeks when you’re constantly playing catch up? That’s me right now. But instead of it being a week like that, it’s been more like the past month with no signs of stopping. Apologies if it’s been a little more quiet than usual around here, I am just so busy. Plus, constant DIY in the Emily Divine house means that currently I quite literally cannot get to my desk. I know my iMac is under all that stuff somewhere…

Today I’ve been wearing this fluffy jumper and shorts combo, casual but still reasonably chic, non? I love the idea of all the various fluffy items of clothing in stores at the moment, but I’ve decided they’re not for me. Especially those in the pastel variety. This oversized number is the only exception I’m making, ‘cos it’s a beaut (and seriously warm). Paired with some delectable Lola and Grace jewellery and my Olivia Burton watch from The Dressing Room, I think this is the most jewellery I’ve ever worn. Ever! I’m normally rather minimal with the jewels, but these pieces have completely swayed me.

My Cocorose ballet flats are making an appearance too. Although they are of the fold-up variety and are normally are saved for when I’m forced to kick off my pretty but uncomfortable heels, on this occasion I needed their practacality and comfort to see me through the day. Throw my perfectly autumnal coloured Moschino bag in to the mix too, and I was good to go!

The past week has mainly involved copious amounts of baking (watch this space…), drinking too much tea (so much so that I’m certain I’ve given myself a caffeine addiction) sending sold items from my blogsale (there are still lots left!) and naughtily making some new Topshop purchases. No change there then, eh! x

Jumper – In Love with Fashion | Shorts – Topshop | Shoes – Cocorose | Bag Moschino at Sarenza
Jewellery – Lola and Grace | Watch – Olivia Burton at The Dressing Room