30 for 30 remix challenge and an OOTD.

I’ve been considering doing the 30 for 30 challenge for quite a while now, because I’ve got such a monstruous amount of clothes with many of them never getting worn. For those of you that don’t know about the 30 for 30 challenge, basically, you choose 30 items of clothing and you have to mix and match them for 30 days. Underwear, Coats, shoes, and other accessories are not included, if you were wondering.. I thought 30 items would be lots but having just chosen my 30, I can safely say it’s not! I’m hoping that by doing this challenge, not only will I learn to be more creative with my style because I’ll have to make outfits look different by accessorizing, but I’ll also realise what clothes can’t be reworked with other pieces and so I’ll learn to stay away from buying these types of clothes.
Here are the pieces I have chosen..Drum roll please..
1. Red tee
2. Floral tee
3. John Lennon crop top/baggy tee
4. Pink Frilly vest top
5.White Frilly vest top
6. Another white dressy vest top
7/8/9. A couple of cheapy primark vest tops for layering purposes
10. Brown polka dot peter pan collar top
11. Cream shorts
12. Denim Shorts
13. Teal bodycon skirt
14. Hot Pink Bodycon skirt

15. Peach bodycon skirt

16. High Waisted denim hotpants
17. Black Leggings
18. Green Peacock feather print floaty top
19. Black Skinny Fit Jeans
20. Karky Green Chinos
21. Rusty colour Chinos
22. Navy skinny fit trousers

23. Mustard yellow bodycon dress
24. Brown body con dress
25. Cream 3/4 length sleeve cardigan
26. Pale green glittery cardigan
27. Honey coloured chunky knit cardigan
28. Denim Jacket
29. Grey Blazer
30. Purple sixties style mini-dress dress

I’ve tried to keep my items fairly plain so it’s easy to mix and match, and so they’re easy to dress both up and down depending on the accessories. From the picture, you’ll see my colour pallete is also very neutral – it’s on purpose I promise! Again, so it’s easy to mix and match, and then I can make my make-up more dramatic with bright eyes and lips. I’m actually excited to do this! Here’s todays rather boring outfit, especially for doing housework in!

Brown Bodycon dress: H&M
Cream cardigan: Primark
Leaf Necklace: Petit Chou (online – link in side bar)
Bangles: Topshop
What do you think of my 30 choices and todays outfit lovelies?

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  1. mary louise says replies29 March 2011

    very very cool. i may have to partake!


  2. Natalie says replies29 March 2011

    Love it! I would love to join but at this point in my life I have zero time!! :(

    Thanks for sharing & GOOD LUCK! I’ll be tuning in! :)


  3. christina says replies29 March 2011

    niiice! looking forward to the upcoming combinations! :PP xxx christina


  4. Shruti says replies30 March 2011

    U look lovely.. Even I have been planning to take up the ’30 for 30′ challenge for a while now… .but need to find enough time to work on it. Nice choice of clothes btw. I’m sure you will work it 😉 will look out for other looks too..


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