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  1. LUCYBOOTS says replies6 October 2011

    they are beyond amazing! you’d need some serious balls to wear them though haha! looove the american flag litas too xxx

  2. Anonymous says replies7 October 2011

    I love them, good pick!

  3. Rachel says replies7 October 2011

    Seriously amazing hun! Love them. I’ve never heard of Sarenza before but now I think I’m in love. So many gorgeous shoes! xxx

  4. Anonymous says replies7 October 2011

    I agree with lucy, would need some balls to wear them but people would definitely stop and notice. The spice girls boots are amaze! x

  5. Mademoiselle Lala says replies7 October 2011

    These are so beautiful! I’d wear them all day everyday! X


  6. Oneika says replies8 October 2011

    Those are SERIOUS boots!


  7. Misseblog says replies9 October 2011

    eeek! How amazing are they!!! xx

  8. Lidiya says replies9 October 2011

    Those shoes are fierce, perfection <3

  9. Sasha K Gold says replies12 October 2011

    amazing. please tell me you purchased.

  10. Paperbacks and Postcards says replies16 October 2011

    They are amazing! Love them! xx

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