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Fashion blogger uk holiday packing guide

After finding myself making the same holiday packing mistakes again year after year, I think I’ve finally got it down to a tee! With my own summer holiday just around the corner, what better time to share my four steps to holiday packing perfection?! Right, grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy and prepare to write your ultimate holiday packing list…

1. Preparation – Pretty obvious and self explanatory, but it’s super important to consider how long you’re going for and whether you really need those extra knickers ‘just incase’. Just incase of what exactly?! I ask myself this every time, cos I’m guilty of it too! Do a little research in to what the weather is up to and generally just give yourself time to get organised. No ‘night before’ packing please 😉
2. Colour Palettes – Now, nobody is saying you have to be boring and wear the same colour your whole trip, but choose a handful of shades that will compliment each other. Mixing and matching to make new outfits is your best friend. Chic monochrome, nautical navy and reds, or pastel shades all work a treat! If you’re going with lots of bright shades, keep your accessories and footwear neutral.
3. Budget – Don’t pack anything that’s cost you a fortune or you’d be upset to lose. After my case going completely missing never to be seen again not just once, but twice now (I know right!) and loosing some of my favourite vintage finds and expensive pieces I’d saved hard for, I always make sure I pack with that in mind. The high street has some amazing bits, I picked up my bikini from George whilst doing my food shop can you believe! Don’t be afraid to grab yourself a bargain!
4. Capture – Whether you’re on holiday the other side of the world or on a mini break just thirty minutes away from your home, getting time away fills you with inspiration and ideas. Make sure you’ve got some way of capturing your thoughts and make memories along the way. I always take a pocket-sized notebook that never leaves my side, plus my DSLR and a film camera too.
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Do you have any holiday packing tips you’d think we’d all love? Leave them in the comments below or tweet me as I’d love to hear all about them, my suitcase will thank you later! 😉 x

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  1. Fashion Infatuation says replies22 August 2014

    I used to be so good when it comes to packing, and I used to write lists and prepare days in advance. I’m afraid I’ve become more sloppy lately, and I’m guilty of being one of those night-before-packers now.
    Great guide though!
    Fashion Infatuation

  2. Rosie W says replies22 August 2014

    Where are you going on holiday? Mine’s coming up in 4 weeks and I’m already thinking about what I need to take 😉

  3. Natalie says replies22 August 2014

    I love this! I do try to plan in advance, but I am always scrambling the day before. I often throw in a bunch of things at random, and none of it goes together and it’s really a disaster. I’m getting better (I actually do plan outfits etc) but I still struggle!

    Ivory Avenue

  4. Harriet Fashionista says replies22 August 2014

    I love this post so needed it right now! Writing a list right now!

  5. MJ x says replies23 August 2014

    You have such a cute and quirky style, I love it! (And I LOVE your mint green camera! So cute!)

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