A bargain dress and some vitamin D..

It’s Friiiiiday, hurrah! I’ve had a really fab day today actually and only partly because of all the sunshine and how hot it was!
Firstly, my afternoon lectures were cancelled because the lecturers child had had an ‘accident’ at nursery and she had to go and get him, poor child but worked out well for me!
Secondly, I decided to start job hunting again. You see, I got a job at the hospital just doing HCA work alongside my course literally months ago but still haven’t started yet. All they keep telling me when I ring is that they’re processing my details and will be in touch regarding ordering uniforms etc and I am so skint that I can’t wait for them any longer, especially as I’m informed that it takes months for your uniform to come through – I am poor now, that means I can’t afford to wait til july to start working. Phew, long sentence. I’ve been debating whether to long elsewhere for a while now so I’m just relieved to have made a decision.
Thirdly, I rang around some nursing homes about job vacancies. Might seem odd that I want to work in places like that, but they love having student nurses work for them as it’s given that you’ll be good at the job. So after being told about a million times that they had no vacanies, one place had a big long chat with me and said they would call next week regarding an interview. YAY! I can see a light at the end of this tunnel of poor-ness at long last.
Lastly, I’m getting a car again. I sold mine when I started uni but now I need one for potential jobs and for my placements so when I get my student loan on the 18th I’m just gonna blow it all on that as I won’t be able to afford to get one for a long while otherwise.
So I’m in a good mood now, they’re only little things but boy do they lift your mood!
Intrigued by the bargain dress mentioned in the post title? Well, it’s part of my OOTD and so see what you think. I literally love it. It’s so on trend with the peter pan collar and it’s colouring..
This little beauty is from F&F at Tesco of all places! It’s only £10! I know right – shocker. There I was just popping in for some milk and there was this gem staring right at me!
The waist belt is from a charity shop and my trilby was from Peacocks for about £7 I think.
What do you think? It’s definitely my bargain of the year so far!
Tomorrow, fingers corssed for lovely weather again! I’m going to pop to Primark bright and early because there have been some posts on their summer range recently and everything looks divine. After that, me and Rich have decided we’re going to do some gardening of all things! I’ve bough some sunflower seeds to plant, they’re my favourites!
What’re you all up to this weekend? Hope you’ve had a fab Friday!
Emily xx

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  1. Elizabeth says replies8 April 2011

    Woo! A friday of many decisions. I think you made the right one in regards to finding a new job!

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  2. mary louise says replies8 April 2011

    a completely gorgeous dress. i love how you styled it!


  3. Natasha Green ★ says replies8 April 2011

    Bargain bargain! F&F sells some good stuff every now and again! Have a great weekend, Natasha.

  4. Morrocan fashion diary says replies8 April 2011

    You look beautifull on this photo !

    Adjila of http://morrocanfashiondiary.blogspot.com/

  5. MYRMECOPHILA says replies9 April 2011


  6. Ashley says replies9 April 2011

    I really, really like this look. Especially the hat. I am so jealous of others who can pull off hats so nicely. I just look weird.

    New to your blog and will be following!

  7. Rachel Diercie says replies10 April 2011

    Lovely :) beautiful dress!! you look absolutely pretty!

  8. MADMSL says replies10 April 2011

    Florence & Fredrick!, Really, they do
    come out with some pieces sometimes.
    Puts some to shame, great
    outfit! Hope all works out mishaps
    The Madam @ madmsl.blogspot.com

  9. chuckanddee says replies10 April 2011

    Hi Emily! Wow, that is definitely a great find! I love how you made it look chic-er by cinching it with a belt and pairing it with a pretty hat!

    P.S. Thanks for the warm welcome over at IFB!

  10. Suika says replies10 April 2011

    The dress and the hat are fabulous !!!

  11. Alexandra says replies10 April 2011

    Great blog, thanks for the add on IFB, I am now following! Feel free to check out my blog and follow :)
    Keep in touch, XO

  12. Greti says replies11 April 2011

    How cute outfit, in love with your hat 😀



  13. Lara Caselli says replies12 April 2011

    Hi Emy! Great blog :)
    I love bargains! It’s so hard to find some cheap itens like this in Brazil… I think I have to start saving to travel!

  14. Mapi says replies14 April 2011

    Love it! You are so pretty!! 😉
    I follow your blog!



  15. Lisa says replies15 April 2011

    You look gorgeous!

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