A lovely ‘tips & tricks’ post from pro make-up artist Carla Mireille Jones, you lucky things.

When I was asked to do an article about makeup I thought great, then 10 minutes later realization hit in….. I’m a dyslexic musical theatre actress turned hair and makeup artist for stage and screen, I’m no J.K.Rowling when it comes to writing things down.  So please forgive me if this is not the most interesting read, but ill try my best.
When it comes to makeup one of the main keys to makeup is skin care! You can spend hundreds of pounds on the best makeup, but if you haven’t looked after your skin with a good skin routine then even the best makeup won’t look as good.  But the same can be said for the other way round too – if you take the best of care over your skin, but use cheap makeup products, it will look like your using cheap makeup products.  So the thing is finding the balance, finding a good skin routine and makeup products, but being able to afford them too.  When buying cheaper products you will be using more of the product and topping your makeup up throughout the day, but with the better quality products which can cost a fair bit more, you use less and it lasts throughout the day a lot better!
Skin Care: When it comes to skin care, look at your skin in the mirror; is it oily, dry, combination or normal?  If you are unsure go into a counter and ask for their advice.  A general skin care routine would be: cleanse, tone and moisturize, a separate eye moisturizer and once to twice a week exfoliation. A lot of people with oily skin make the mistake of not moisturizing because they think it will make the skin more oily – this is not true, not moisturizing will make the skin produce more oil.  When picking a moisturizer be sure to go for a water based moisturizer rather than an oil based one, this will put water back into your skin and rehydrate it, helping to reduce the amount of oil that your skin produces. I always recommend using one that is water based rather than oil based.  When looking at what skin care products to buy, I’d never suggest buying the first one you’ve been recommended, if your going to the counters ask them to give you a skin consultation and ask for some samples for you to try for a few days before you buy, as everyone’s skin is different and what might work for some people wont work for others.   Personally the best skin care line I have found and the  one that I carry in my kit is Dermalogica – http://www.dermalogica.com/uk/   
Base: Once you have figured out the best skin care for you then you can get to the makeup.   When it comes to foundations think about weather you want a matt or satin finish, and a full coverage or a light coverage.  When looking at new foundations, go to the counter and ask for the advice of the person working on it, don’t fall into the trap of believing everything that they say, because at the end of the day they are sales assistants and work on targets.  Ask them to try the foundation out on you, and ask for a sample if they offer them so you can try it out.  Never buy a foundation straight after they have put it on you, always go outside and look at it in the natural light, as the harsh lighting of the shops gives a different look to foundation. Also you want to see how it lasts throughout the day.   It is important for you to try putting it on yourself as well as it might look good, but when you try putting it on you might not get along with it.  Some of my favorite foundations are Dior Forever, Dior Nude, Estee Lauder Double Wear, Mac Studio fix and Illamasqua both rich and light.  I always use a liquid foundation applying it with a sponge or foundation brush, this gives a better finish and means the oils and dirt on your hands don’t go onto your face; then brush a light amount of powder over the top to fix it and stop the shine.
If you are prone to spots, redness and dark circles under your eyes then here are a few of what I consider the best things you can buy on the high street.   For a concealer that covers spots and redness I would go with Mac select cover-up or Illamasqua concealer, and to help with bags under the eyes I would use the Yves Saint Laurent  Touché Eclat, this is a light reflector so its to be put on over your powder.  If you suffer from quite dark bags under the eyes then after the liquid foundation dab a small amount of the Mac select cover up under the eyes, then brush  powder on then use the Touché Eclat, only needing a small amount, this is a light reflector not a concealer.  When putting concealer on, first apply your foundation and then the concealer followed by the powder.
Brows: After Foundation I go to the eyebrows, if you get a pencil or brush and hold it against your nose pointing upwards your eyebrows should start where the brush is, then angel it so its at the bottom of your nose and the corner of your eye and where the brush is, is where your eyebrows should end.  This shows the best length that your eyebrows could be, eyebrows can make your eyes look bigger or smaller depending on length and in doing this it should open up your eyes.  I always use a eyebrow pencil and/or powder, going with the shape of your eyebrows to enhance the brows and frame the face.
Eyes: When it comes to eye shadows, I love matt eye shadows for a natural look, but it is difficult to find them at the moment. Nars are the only company I can think of that do nice matt colours.  If you come across some nice matt eye shadows stock up!  A trick I use with every look is getting a Matt creamy/white colour and brushing only a small amount under your eyebrow, not so it is noticeably there but this will lift the eyebrow and open your eyes up more.  Mascaras, there are so many different mascaras it can be quite overwhelming.  In my personal opinion some of the best mascaras that I’ve found are Dior’s Dior show or Dior Blackout, also the Chanel Exceptional.
Lips: Lips are always a tricky one to get right. I would always go for a natural colour lip liner, this helps stop the lipstick bleeding, but also means that it won’t be so bold that it will give you that 80’s look that so many of think of with lip liners and leave us with a look of horror on our faces.  With lipsticks, if you’re unsure on what colours to go for, stick to a colour that matches your natural lip colour, this will just enhance your lips without looking too made up or having the wrong colour.  Red lipsticks are always a tricky one, if you go for the wrong shade of red it can be to pink/orange or even worse can look cheap and tacky!  The best red lipstick I have found ( and lord knows I’ve tried tones) is Dolce & Gabbana in devil red, this is a pure red so it hasn’t got the pink or orange undertone, so it will match pretty much any skin tone and wont look cheap and tacky.  It is also a long lasting lipstick, but doesn’t dry your lips out. Lets just say I’ve put it on before a night out and its still been on at the end of a night after the drinks and the obligatory pizza at the end of the night. 
Carla’s given us some great tips there girls! For more advice or bookings, check out her website http://www.carlamireillejones.netau.net 
Which of her tips will you be incorporating in to your routine? xxx

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  1. Hannah says replies7 April 2011

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing :o) xxx

  2. cleartheway says replies8 April 2011

    Thanks! I needed some tips for base make-up. I think I’ll try out the MAC one first.

  3. jack kallis says replies4 September 2014

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