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  1. Christiane F says replies20 September 2012

    Yummy! And the scones look good too!

  2. Jo says replies20 September 2012

    Afternoon tea is the best kind of indulgence! (: I love your bag, I saw one similar in debenhams recently but it had a bigggg price tag and I thought I’d just end up lugging around a million things I didn’t need inside! (: xx

  3. Naffy says replies20 September 2012

    this is a beautiful outfit and you look stunning :) Afternoon Tea is the best!!!!

    Love Nafisah,


  4. kawther says replies20 September 2012

    great pics love it ^^

    i love your jumper super cute <3

    come check out my blog


  5. dinoprincesschar says replies20 September 2012

    The shorts are great, they look so good with the rest of your outfit and I could really go for a scone now 😉

  6. Glitter Detector says replies20 September 2012

    The bag is adorable x

  7. GEMBEAR says replies20 September 2012

    you look so cute!

  8. Hev says replies20 September 2012

    Afternoon tea is the best, without a doubt. Love your jumper and shoes, I definitely would feel the same about leather shorts but you more than pull them off! x

  9. Janey says replies20 September 2012

    This is a striking outfit even though it is so simple. Well done you look beautiful :)

  10. Catherine says replies20 September 2012

    I love the clash of textures of this outfit! I need to pick up a cable knit jumper, it looks so cosy! :)


  11. Megan Jane says replies20 September 2012

    Lovely outfit! Your bag is gorgeous and I adore your shoesies! xo

  12. daisychain says replies20 September 2012

    Mm, afternoon tea <3

  13. Milla says replies20 September 2012

    love your cat shoes! they look so cute!

    xoxo milla

  14. Fashion En Vie says replies20 September 2012

    I love your sweater, and those flats are really cute :)

  15. Anonymous says replies21 September 2012

    You make me want to start my own blog website! I really like your one. Thanks, Sarahxx

  16. The Style Rawr says replies21 September 2012

    Emily!! This look is awesome, I really loooooove it. I now need leather shorts ASAP!

    The Style Rawr!

  17. Jamie Rose says replies22 September 2012

    Tea and scones sound wonderful! I just love your leather shorts too. You look gorgeous in this pretty fall outfit! Great pictures as always.

  18. lipsticksandnotebooks says replies24 September 2012

    Such a cosy looking outfit, I’ve been on the hunt for a nice affordable cable knit jumper for so long. The cat ballet slippers are such a cute detail as well.

  19. LucyLu says replies26 September 2012

    ooOoh I’ve chosen those Kitty shoes from SheLikes too! 😉 They were the wrong size though so I’m just waiting for a replacement, can’t wait to wear them. And of course living in a tearoom is acceptable – we’re Bloggers after all! 😉

  20. Amy says replies2 October 2012

    love your bag-looks like a carpet bag (in a good way :))

  21. anna says replies2 October 2012

    Kitty shoes kitty shoes!! <3 _ <3

    I love your pics, what camera do you use?

  22. Lindsey A. Turner says replies6 October 2012

    I love your shorts! I just bought a pair of leather pants to cut off and make into cuffed leather shorts!


  23. Yuliya ♥ says replies22 October 2012

    Superbe ce look !

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