Hello, I’m Emily! I’m a blogger working to make life magic everyday and a photographer of beautiful things and people. I live in Ipswich, England (a little outside London, near the sea) with my musician husband-to-be, my giant cat Ludo and my chorkie Fleur. My obsession is making lifes little moments in to amazing ones full of magic that you remember forever. I’m also very passionate about my photography work. I started Emily Divine because I wanted to show everyone how fantastic it is to be making life magic every day. I’ve since discovered that we are all capable of doing anything we want, you’ve just got to go out and get started!

I believe in wearing your Sunday best every day. I believe in knowing that you can live your life any way you want. I believe in glitter (and the more, the better).   I believe in travelling the world and making friends across the globe. I believe in smiling at strangers. I believe in wearing lipstick so bright that people turn their head. I believe in taking photographs and capturing every beautiful moment. I believe in shouting when you have to, to get your amazing voice heard. I believe in being grateful for every new person, opportunity and change that comes your way. I believe in making life’s little moments in to ones full of magic.

Emily Divine is a blogger and photographer based in Ipswich and London, UK. Described as ‘one of the biggest bloggers right now’, EmilyDivine.com was founded in 2010 and is a blog with a penchant for “making life magic”. Subjects on the blog range from travel to life lessons, photography to personal style and food to magical thinking. Anecdotes from Emily mixed in with regular features makes EmilyDivine.com a place that leaves you feeling fulfilled and reading to embrace a lifestyle in which you are capable of doing anything you want.

Aside of blogging, Emily can also be found clutching a camera. Focusing on purely photographing editorials, lookbooks and stills for both fashion and lifestyle brands, Emily soon built a vast portfolio of images and clients. After doing a friend ‘a favour’, she discovered she also has a fancy for photographing super-cool couples looking for a shoot ‘just because’, engagement shoots or even their weddings. Both happy couples and major fashion and lifestyle brands continue to be added to her client list, so she must be doing something right.

Emily has been featured in many publications including ELLE UK, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, The Metro and Company magazine.