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  1. Amy says replies21 July 2012

    You look absolutely lovely, I love your dress. It looks like you had a really enjoyable afternoon! Nothing beats a good cup of tea and a big slice of cake :)


  2. Megan Jane says replies21 July 2012

    You look so pretty! The perfect outfit for afternoon tea!

  3. Josephine Pearl says replies21 July 2012

    Your dress is so pretty, great photos :)

    Jo. x

  4. Pernille says replies21 July 2012

    Amazing photographs!
    Love especially the last one :)

  5. Alice T says replies21 July 2012

    Such a shame about the bag, it looks so pretty :( x

  6. daisychain says replies21 July 2012

    You stunner, I think this is my favourite ever outfit on you. Ever.

  7. Glitter Detector says replies21 July 2012

    What a stunning dress and the photos are beautiful xx

  8. RCagz says replies21 July 2012

    The dress is gorgeous, definitely perfect for afternoon tea :) xoxo

  9. Sam Hutchinson says replies22 July 2012

    Absolutely beautiful dress, I love the gentle prettiness of this outfit! All falls together perfectly. Yummy looking goodies making me very hungry, too! xxx

  10. Jamie Rose says replies24 July 2012

    This is so super pretty. I love your light pink dress. It makes me want to break out the light pink one I thrifted a bit ago and haven’t worn yet. I really like your heels too.

  11. Olga says replies24 July 2012

    such a gorgeous, feminine and romantic dress!

    Freddie & Cinnamon Jewellery

  12. Ama says replies24 July 2012

    You look beautiful! I want that scone!

  13. Jenny says replies24 July 2012

    Beautiful colour scheme! Looks like you had a great time at the tea house :)


  14. harper matiko says replies25 July 2012

    great chunky sweater.

  15. The Style Rawr says replies26 July 2012

    You look so pretty, love that dress. It’s so nice to have tea there in the summer, their cakes are delicious! xoxo

  16. Miss Sultana says replies29 July 2012

    beautiful photos! your outfit is so classy and chic :) pearls are always so elegant looking with ANYTHING. cute blog girl :)


  17. Jess Corcoran says replies31 July 2012

    oh my, I am so jealous you had afternoon tea, it looks absolutely gorgeous! I was tempted to say divine but i thought i’d sound a little funny if i did :’) as does your whole outfit of course! xo

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