There’s a certain something – though I’m not sure what exactly – about this dress and shirt combination, that reminds me of a disney princess. I don’t know what it is, but when Rich announced the exact same thought, it made me rather happy all the same. Perhaps it’s the colours, the patterns, the big ol’ collar; it just seems that this shirt and dress were wonderfully, coincidentally made to be worn together. Now, I just need one of those wonderful viv’ westwood heart bags and my disney theme will feel rather complete. I’m wearing some delightful pieces of jewellery I haven’t showed you before, too; my horseshoe earrings (who doesn’t need a little bit of luck everyday? Perhaps they’ll stop me tripping up so much, ahem) and my vintage opal fire ring. Such beautiful pieces that my list of eclectic eccentricity wishes has grown longer.

Another day, another stroll exploring my sleepy town. There was a time I hated what little goings on there are and longed for the wide awake lights of London, but having spent rather alot of time in the city of late, I’m starting to appreciate the slow pace and quiet of my near-seaside town. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I have to explain to confused local expressions what I do on this here blog, that I long to be somewhere where every man and his dog write one. I’m starting to appreciate it slowly but surely. I can’t help but wonder, if any of you are the same? A little note too, to say sorry (though I’m not sure why) for not showing you my short(ish) hair yet. I just happen to keep wearing my extensions everytime we take some snaps, but rest assured I’m sure it’ll make an appearance soon.

Coat – Pretty Little Thing | Blouse – Lovestruck | Dress – In Love With Fashion | Shoes – ASOS 
Satchel – Cambridge Satchel Co | Jewellery – Eclectic Eccentricity

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  1. Rosedl says replies15 March 2013

    That dress is perfect i love the fact you can tie it at the front! I also love those shoes.

  2. Rhiannon Owen says replies15 March 2013

    Oh my life your skin is so flawless! And that dress is simple beautiful. Majot case of the green-eyes monster right now! :(

    Rhiannon xxx

  3. Keyta Hawkins says replies15 March 2013

    What a gorgeous bag! I love this whole outfit, very elegant indeed!

    – Keyta

  4. Honey Go-Lightly says replies15 March 2013

    That dress is too cute :)

  5. Rebekah Smith says replies15 March 2013
  6. daisychain says replies15 March 2013

    Dammit girl, you utter stunner.


  7. Jessica Shep says replies15 March 2013

    You look amazing, so jealous of you!

  8. Naomi says replies15 March 2013

    Oh your dress makes me think of little shamrocks all over it! You look absolutely gorgeous!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  9. StephDreamsBlog says replies15 March 2013

    Hello beauty, pretty dress, pretty face, pretty shoes & bag….as usually really! Love the photos xxx


  10. Gemma Talbot says replies15 March 2013

    So in love with your satchel! X

  11. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies15 March 2013

    Such a pretty dress <3

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  12. Siân Singleton says replies16 March 2013

    That dress is gorgeous, I adore the way you’ve styled it x
    Shop Kittenish Behaviour & Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  13. Jamie Rose says replies16 March 2013

    I love this dress and blouse combination too. They look perfect together! There are just so many great pieces in this outfit. I admire these shoes every time you wear them and your yellow satchel bag is wonderful.

  14. Maddy says replies16 March 2013

    I love the yellow satchel bag, the effects you use on your photographs are so beautiful and dreamy! xxx

  15. VioletDaffodils says replies16 March 2013

    gorgeous outfit, very lady-like 😀 xx

  16. Space Cadet Betti says replies16 March 2013

    Those shoes are perfection! Gotta love a good shirt and dress combo. You look fab :)

  17. Browniekins says replies16 March 2013

    I love that blouse and dress together, you look lovely :)

    Soul Sparkler

  18. Emma says replies17 March 2013

    Such gorgeous pictures, you look beautiful and your accessories look amazing, very subtle but fit with the look perfectly


  19. Tasha Hinde says replies17 March 2013

    I absolutely love this dress. You’re right, it definitely does seem as if the shirt and dress were made for one another!! Love reading your blog :) your outfits are always super gorgeous! xx

  20. Garden office space says replies18 March 2013

    Wow, nice pictures. Your outfit is perfect. I love that cute dress.

  21. Polly says replies18 March 2013

    I love your shoes and the colour of your bag!

  22. Clara says replies19 March 2013

    Wow, I’d never guess those were hair extensions! They look so real! Great make up, hairstyle and outfit! 😀

  23. Anonymous says replies20 March 2013

    Awesome article.

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  24. Kitty Hannon says replies20 March 2013

    absoloutley gorgeous blog! the yellow bag is beautiful!
    lovely, im now following:)

  25. Roisin Elizabeth Keats says replies23 March 2013

    I love this dress, and the way the cuffs on the blouse make it match perfectly <3

  26. Michelle says replies29 March 2013

    Definitely the Disney look, except for maybe the shoes. I am not quite sure I could see Snow White walking through the woods in those :)

  27. Cliphair says replies22 May 2013

    I see what you mean about the Disney look – reminds me of Snow White?

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