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  1. Julia Henderson says replies8 May 2012

    I love those wedges! Love the contrasting colours x

  2. Tinacious Me says replies8 May 2012

    super cute outfit! love that red blazer!
    Tina @ http://www.Tinacious.Me

  3. Lou says replies8 May 2012

    You look gorgeous!

  4. daisychain says replies8 May 2012

    I neeed those tights!

  5. Megan Jane says replies8 May 2012

    Lovely outfit – I love your blazer! Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is my favourite too, a long with Marc Jacobs Lola.

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  6. Sophie says replies8 May 2012

    We are thinking of going to Morocco this year, we want to stay away from anywhere with the euro and this fits the bill!
    I love the tights, I just can’t justify the price as I’m really clumsy. Always rip tights on my first wear

  7. januarysublime says replies9 May 2012

    Babe, your shoes are insane!
    You look gorgeous.
    JS xx

  8. Ellie says replies9 May 2012

    Love this look!

  9. Wow, those tights are amazing!
    I love how you’re matching the red blazer with a pop of red on the shoes, really pretty!
    Hope the Uni work is going okay!
    As for holiday suggestions, you could stay in the UK for a bit cheaper? Cornwall is beautiful! I study in Falmouth, and it’s such a lovely area!
    Hope that helps!
    Charlie xoxo.

  10. Yuliya ♥ says replies9 May 2012

    Perfect look !

  11. Maxine says replies10 May 2012

    Gorgeous! What about barcelona? Its lovely there xx

  12. Pippa says replies10 May 2012

    Beautiful look gorgeous :) love your long hair now! I decided to stop having my full fringe today :( so much hassleeeeee! But always loving yours! X x x

  13. Lucy Rance says replies18 May 2012

    Love this outfit! the pops of red are so cute. xx

  14. Emily says replies21 May 2012

    Obsessed with your blazer!

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