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  1. Temporary:Secretary says replies10 September 2011

    This looks really nice, would be great to see what you wear to go with the bag – some style inspiration! x

  2. Temporary:Secretary says replies10 September 2011

    eeek! the word “need” was suppose to be in the middle of that. let me start again! “I need some style inspiration” x

  3. Emily Divine says replies10 September 2011

    I’ll put some pictures up in the week lovey! xx

  4. Anonymous says replies11 September 2011

    I actually need a new clutch bag and that one looks perfect so I will have a look on the website!

  5. kathi says replies11 September 2011

    Wonderful! And the color seems perfect to round up uni-non-color outfits!
    Ideas for an autumn shopping excess at my blog!!

  6. Arabella says replies11 September 2011

    lovely colour :)

  7. Arabella says replies11 September 2011

    p.s following you now 😀

  8. are you dressing up or dressing down says replies11 September 2011

    That bag is friggan beautiful!!

    Helen, x

  9. Anonymous says replies27 February 2013

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