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  1. Mademoiselle Lala says replies16 August 2011

    My reason to celebrate is when I meet up with my girlfriends and just go partying! I just love the gossip, all the preparations (including buying an outfit, deciding on the make up and hairstyle) and then we dance the night away. Friendly DJs and cute guys are most welcome! :)


  2. Tass says replies16 August 2011

    I’m celebrating that I get to go on holiday (well really my honeymoon) next month for the first time in 3 years :) x


  3. I Am Fabulicious says replies17 August 2011

    My reason to celebrate is that it is my 1 year wedding anniversary this saturday 20th august :-) cant believe its been a year already and im still so happy!



  4. januarysublime.com says replies17 August 2011

    My reason to celebrate is that this is my last ever summer of freedom before I enter the real working world, the last time I get to do whatever I like, see all my friends from home, travel about, enjoy being young, and party as much as possible! I’d rather celebrate it than let it get me down! WOOHOO! xxx



  5. fani says replies18 August 2011

    My reason to celebrate is that I still have one fantastic summer month (in sunny and beautiful Greece!) before I go back to uni, which is something I am also looking forward too

    If I win I’d like to have the “take the heat” range


  6. Hannah. says replies18 August 2011

    I’m celebrating my big sis and nephew coming over to visit for 2 weeks! Don’t see them often :(



  7. kate louise. says replies18 August 2011

    I’m celebrating being ME! <3

    May sound silly but I’ve been very self critical lately and a bit too harsh on myself – that’s stopping right now! It’s time for me to smile, hold my head up high and to realise that all women are beautiful and unique… and that’s a reason for us ALL to celebrate! We’re fabulous, just the way we are! x

    I’d love the Take The Heat Heat-protection spray if I’m lucky enough to win. ohkatelouise@hotmail.co.uk xoxo

  8. R Merriman says replies18 August 2011

    I am celebrating because I am working on the LOOK Show and I also get to go along to it! Oh and my friends brithday is next week so I am sure we will be celebrating that too!!

  9. Amy Webb says replies18 August 2011

    I am celebrating the new found confidence in myself!

    I came back from a semester studying in America, started looking for a job but with no prevail. Whilst everyone else was being offered internships and jobs I was working part time in a restaurant slowly losing my mind.
    I knew i had to give myself time and it paid off 3 months later. I am now 4 weeks into my Marketing and PR internship for a restaurant and food magazine. It might be unpaid but i’m up early every morning, 9-5 and I feel great.

    I am celebrating getting my life on track and hopefully getting to my dream job.

  10. mummymessy says replies19 August 2011

    Hello! Not sure if Im allowed to enter but I am celebrating being 33 years young today and getting a card with mummy written on it for the first time (the other half failed miserably last year and got me a blank card!). Good things come in threes… ive also sold the flat I have a share in, which has been in negative equity for two years and worrying me silly every day in between and to top it all off I had cake for breakfast. Life is sweet! xx

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