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  1. Hannah says replies10 May 2011

    U think you look fab with both styles!! Really love the blonde! :o) xx

  2. Paige Wilkins says replies10 May 2011

    great wardrobe/closet. I would say dark brown or ombre, those colours i think would look lovely :)

  3. Sada says replies10 May 2011

    Both super cute in their own way…lovin’ both the looks! I say work the darker look for summer and lighter for winter??? xo Sada dressologyhq.blogspot.com

  4. Hayley says replies10 May 2011

    Oh wow the first one looks amazing on you!! The colour is incredible xx

  5. New York Don't Leave Me says replies10 May 2011

    I love both looks with the slight edge to the Blonde look!

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  6. Emma says replies10 May 2011

    You look great with both hair colors! These are great pics. You are very photogenic. Lucky girl!

  7. Emma says replies11 May 2011

    you look like elizabeth bennett from the tv pride and prejudice in the first one haha! x

  8. Sarah says replies11 May 2011

    Oooh, where are those stands from? I just have a rail but love that theres shelves on those! <3

  9. Harija says replies11 May 2011

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Harija says replies11 May 2011

    YOu look great in booth styles!

    You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

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  11. Chandra M. says replies11 May 2011

    I absolutely love the darker hair, the blonde is still beautiful but, as a brunette I have a great appreciation for dark brown. :) So I think you would be stunning going in that direction. Following <3

  12. La Sa says replies11 May 2011

    both styles are good,but i prefer the first :)
    oooh your dressing room is fantastic!I’ve only a little wardrobe :)

  13. Matthew-James says replies11 May 2011

    LOVE the dark hair on you. Your so pretty.
    It really brings out your eyes, and you have a fabulous jawline.


    biscous, matthew

  14. Rachel says replies12 May 2011

    The first one looks beautiful on you – and I love your necklace! x

  15. Emily Divine. says replies12 May 2011

    Thanks for all your thoughts everyone, means a lot! :)

    I’m picking up another wig tomorrow, so you’ll have to help me with that one too!

    Keep the opinions coming!

    Love Emily xx

  16. Michee says replies12 May 2011

    I hope my closet gets the same intervention.

    Mucho love.

  17. Candi Marie says replies12 May 2011

    I personally like the dark….because you have pale skin and the red lips, course, I am biased! :)

  18. Elizabeth says replies30 May 2011

    the darker hair really suits you, it looks beautiful.

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