#AussieLight – Put a spring in your spring! Tell us how would you lighten up your life?

So the fab Undercover Aussie have opened a competition allowing ten girlies to become one of their ‘Aussie Angels’ and all you have to do is answer the question ‘Put a spring in your spring! Tell us how would you lighten up your life?’

I’ve decided to enter and so below is my entry. I’ve written about how long it takes me to get ready (I hate it) and how it would lighten up my life to hair manageable hair and a beauty regime that’s quick and easy so I can spend less of the day getting ready and more outside enjoying Spring! I want to be an Angel so bad so fingers crossed for me everyone that they like my entry! I’ll let you know when I hear back..

Once there was a girl called Emily…



..that took forever and ever to get ready..


…her hair needed a LOT of work every day..

…and her make-up was a pain in every way..

It would put a Spring in my Spring to have hair that’s easy to care for..

…and make-up that’s quick instead of a bore.

She’d have more time to take walks, have picnics and meet friends..

…to do all the things that are best about Spring before it ends!

You might think it’s a rubbish little poem but it took me AGES to think of because i’m really not very creative when it comes to things like this! FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE!

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The Comments

  1. ChanelAfterCoco says replies20 March 2011

    well I loved it 😉

  2. Cait says replies21 March 2011

    i love all the pictures :) and great post! i def need to work out to lighten up my life- but shopping spree’s never hurt either 😉 hope you have a great monday dear! xo

  3. Kathryn says replies22 March 2011

    So very cute! And no, it’s not rubbish. I love it. Best of luck!


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