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  1. jimmi lou says replies29 December 2011

    You look amazing, can;t believe thats a kids school blazer, would never have thought of that! Your ring’s gorgeous!

  2. Eda Guler says replies29 December 2011

    you’re amazing. :)


  3. Steph0188: StephanieDreams says replies29 December 2011

    Gorgeous as ever, you stunner 😉 x

  4. Emily @ Wardrobe Block says replies29 December 2011

    Wonderful outfit – I hope you’re not too tired!

  5. Aisling says replies29 December 2011

    Aww glad you had such a good christmas! Good shoe choice Mummy Divine!! x

  6. AmyBell says replies29 December 2011

    This is amazing, you look so beautiful in these photos! Love the hat on you as well xx


  7. Lulu says replies29 December 2011

    You’re gorgeous! Beautiful ring and locket too!


  8. Vicky says replies30 December 2011

    Aww yayy to the ring :).. Love this look, you look beautiful lady xxx

  9. www.blahblahbecky.co.uk says replies30 December 2011

    I didn’t know you’re engaged, belated congrats!


  10. LilyLipstick says replies30 December 2011

    Love this outfit, the blazer is fab – can’t believe it’s a kids one! x

  11. daisychain says replies30 December 2011

    LOVE love love.

  12. Temporary:Secretary says replies31 December 2011

    You look lovely! Hope you’ve had a great christmas, Happy new year! x

  13. Victoria West says replies31 December 2011

    Nice outfit. :)

    Happy New Year!

  14. Diamond Solitaire says replies31 December 2011

    love your look here x

  15. Anonymous says replies1 January 2012

    Wow! So beautiful.

  16. Rani from Cupcake Couture says replies1 January 2012

    You look gorgeous! And so is your ring :)

  17. Hollie Galvin says replies1 January 2012

    Love the locket. So cute and simple. Reminds me of when I was little:)


  18. Amy Mary Webb says replies1 January 2012

    I think what you’ve made me realise is that you can pull anything off if you have the confidence to wear it!

    and the outfit certainly is inspiring to a fellow blogger
    thank you Emily :)

    Tales From a Biker Jacket

  19. Amy says replies3 January 2012

    You look so good here, love the jumper x

  20. Jenna says replies5 January 2012

    Love your look – the hat is gorgeous !!!

  21. Anonymous says replies9 January 2012

    Welcome back!

  22. Anonymous says replies19 January 2012

    u have very beautiful blue eyes emily

  23. Rachel says replies23 January 2012

    Love the outfit!

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