Benefit’s Bella Bamba Lipgloss and Blusher: A Review

As an undeniably complete and utter wannabe ‘benebabe’, I simply could not be more pleased to kick off the new beauty side of Emily Divine with a review of my favourite powder blush and lipgloss combo; Bella Bamba.

3D Brightening Blusher
Starting with the box packaging itself, other than the pretty darn well, pretty pattern, there is also a nifty little mirror on the inside. I adore mirrors in products – I’m constantly losing mine in my bag so if it’s built in, it’s certainly a thumbs up from me. It also come with a super-soft bristled curved-edge brush that applies the product perfectly. The blush itself is so highly pigmented and has a strong colour; to me, this shows the quality of the product. For pale gals like yours truly, it means a little goes a long way which is fab – longer lasting product! I’ve used this on a variety of skintones on photoshoots, and for those that aren’t so pale, the colour builds really wonderfully. Retailing at £23.50, I’d say it was worth every penny.

The Ultra Plush Lipgloss
Firstly, let me just say how well the blush and lipgloss complement eachother. I always wear the blush with the gloss as the shades are perfect together. Much like the blusher, the lipgloss is super pigmented and the colour is long lasting. You know, I’d even go as far to say that this is the most pigmented lipgloss I’ve ever used – I mean, have you ever seen a gloss that creates the colour shown in the last photo? It’s love I tell you. Another plus point, is that it’s not ‘sticky’ like a lot of lipglosses are, it’s just super glossy. I can’t promise that in gale force winds you might end up with some hair stuck to your lips but it’s certainly wonderful otherwise! This gloss retails at just £13.50 for those kissable lips, need I say more.

I got a lotta love for these products. Lets not even get started on how the name leaves me singing la la la la bamba everytime I use it; and that ladies, is what you call instant mood uplift by itself and it’s all free 😉

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  1. What Jamie Wears says replies27 February 2013

    I love this post!

    Most reviews are just boring photos of the packaging, the way you’ve snapped yourself applying the products is a really good idea.

    I’m actually completely sold, I’m going to buy this set :)

  2. Sophie says replies27 February 2013

    I agree with the last comment – a nice new way to look at reviwes! Well done Emily, nice to see a change in the blogosphere!x

  3. Georgina Hatton-Woods says replies27 February 2013

    Your pictures are great! Such a nice way to do beauty posts. I am loving benefit bellabamba, I may try out the lip gloss now. I looks great on you xxxxx

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  4. Maddy says replies27 February 2013

    It looks lovely, I love the look you created! xxx

  5. Sasha Parkes says replies27 February 2013

    Just discovered your blog – you are gorgeous!! Following :)

  6. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies28 February 2013

    Looks lovely on you <3

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  7. Abi. says replies28 February 2013

    The 3D Brightening Blusher looks amazing and the packaging is super cute.

  8. Marzipan says replies28 February 2013

    It looks lovely on you!

  9. HeartsAndCrosses says replies1 March 2013

    You are gorgeous! Love the lip product

    A little bit Unique


  10. Abi says replies3 March 2013

    Your skin always looks so flawless! What foundation do you use? (please tell me you do use foundation…)

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