Now that summer seems to have finally arrived, I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking about swimwear. The stores are starting to be filled with this season’s must-have beachwear and I’m feeling a little spoiled for choice. One thing is usually for certain though – you’re usually either a bikini or a one-piece gal. It’s a theory that I’ve had for a while and this article revealed that I’m (well, kind of) right. You might think that the bikini is the most popular form of swimwear, but you’d actually be wrong. Only 18% of the women interviewed said they’d wear a bikini this year apparently, while 57% said that they choose a one-piece because it’s more figure flattering. Food for thought, huh? Thing is though, I’m never sure which I am.
I suppose swimwear has become a big business because we’re all looking for the perfect suit. Swimwear and underwear retailer Figleaveshas apparently recently turned its first profit, and it wouldn’t be too wild a guess to suppose this has happened thanks to the range and variety on offer. The next time pay day rolls around their sweetheart neck Just Peachy bikini will be mine, I tell ya (oh that print, so pretty)!
Personally, this year I’m trying to work out which is for me. There are far more vintage styles available nowadays and I think either can be flattering to every body type. The beauties above photographed are from Ted Baker and To Die For. Both new additions to my wardrobe and now I’m longing for somewhere hot to wear them with a pair of oversized celeb-worthy sunnies (you know the type I mean). The swimsuit is really retro nautical, whilst the bikini frills are just too sweet for words. Maybe I’m a swimsuit and bikini girl after all…?

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  1. Maddy says replies28 May 2013

    Both of them are gorgeous, I wouldn’t know which one to wear! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. Tori Mears says replies28 May 2013

    I always find it so tough to chose, especially when it comes to bikinis as I need separates because of my size difference (thank you hips!). These are both gorgeous. I think, to feel comfortable, I always like the idea of a swimsuit but, for me, they never look as good on as they do off!! Again I think it’s down to body shape. The smallest part of me is my waist but, because of being pear-shaped, the swimsuits tend to skim past it and make me look a little odd!

    I haven’t had the chance to wear a bikini or swimsuit for a couple of years now, and it’s unlikely I’ll need to find something for the summer this year as we are off to Scotland for a month (!), but I do still love having a little browse and dreaming of warmer climes!

    I imaginine you’ll look stunning no matter what you wear Emily!

  3. char says replies28 May 2013

    I swim every day, so I’m a swimsuit girl, I like functional with two straps as I find halter necks too tricky.

  4. Kelly says replies28 May 2013

    I always wear a bikini, never really bothered with swimsuits, but have friends who feel a lot more comfortable in a one piece.
    Both of those are gorgeous though, love the frills on the bikini.

  5. Amber says replies28 May 2013

    They’re both absolutely gorgeous! I was always a bikini girl, but over the last couple of years I’ve switched to retro onepieces – they just disguise my tummy better, and feel a bit more like an “outfit” to me, if that makes sense, than a bikini does. I could be persuaded by the To Die For one, though – so cute!

  6. VioletDaffodils says replies28 May 2013

    both very pretty!
    I’m defo more of a bikini girl 😀 xx

  7. Pedro Soares says replies28 May 2013

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Anonymous says replies28 May 2013

    Hi Emily. Gorgeous bikini. I came across your blog a few days ago and have been reading along. I’m loving it! Keep up the good mood.
    Recently, a close friend of mine from Yorkshire created a website and I would like to share it with you, as I think you would like it too. It’s called The Birthday Times (, and gives you the newspaper of the day of your birthday. It shows real events and facts of the day you were born. I already knew a few projects like this, but I think this one stands out a little bit from the rest. So, here’s my tip! :)

  9. Amy says replies28 May 2013

    They are both really cute!
    Love the swimsuit though :) very pin-up girlish 😀


  10. imcoolok says replies28 May 2013

    I’m a bikini girl but this swimsuit wins in my eyes :) xx

  11. daisychain says replies28 May 2013

    I’m a bikini girl in theory but feel more confident in one pieces…LOVE this one so much x

  12. Sophie Ruffell says replies28 May 2013

    I always wear a bikini due to being pear shaped.
    A swimsuit never fits me top and bottom :(

  13. Hannah. says replies28 May 2013

    I adore vintage style swimsuits but I can never find any when I need one so end up with a bikini!


  14. Purple Ivy says replies29 May 2013

    Istarted off as a one-pice gal then switched to bikinis last year but this year I’m gonna rock both.


  15. Derick Michaels says replies10 June 2013

    Totally love the one-piece and the navy color is nice. Though, I wouldn’t mind giving my wife a brazilian bikini with the same color!

  16. Anna says replies21 August 2013

    Not exactly my favorite vintage swimsuits, but they are unique.

  17. Kim Baker says replies28 August 2013

    I give my vote to the swimsuit! It’s super cute! I love it! Blue is my favourite colour!


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