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  1. NRC♥ says replies4 November 2011

    The maxi is my favourite.

  2. Elizabeth says replies4 November 2011

    Haha I hear you, I have a wishlist that long as well, but I’m saving for Christmas presents! I do adore that sequined skirt though. :)

  3. Soph says replies4 November 2011

    I love all of it! That wolfie jumper is awesome, cant believe how cheap it is!

  4. Rebecca's Vintage Romance says replies4 November 2011

    Same here, black is my favourite colour at the moment! There’s so many amazing things in the shops too. I love all of these picks, especially that wolf jumper, I can’t believe it’s so cheap!
    Rebecca x

  5. Rachel says replies4 November 2011

    Beautiful picks, want everything! Love that you’ve chosen quite budget things too, we can all afford, yay! xxx

  6. Anonymous says replies4 November 2011

    Another lovely post Emily. I love your style and how you can put casual and dressy things together, as illustrated in the mini collage – could see you mixing and matching everything!

  7. Jo says replies4 November 2011

    I adore that watch! And everything else for that matter really, but the watch is gorg.

    Jo x

  8. Mademoiselle Lala says replies4 November 2011

    AX Paris skirt is a WINNER!!! So perfect!


  9. Naomi says replies5 November 2011

    I have a terrible habit of buying something for myself every time I buy something as a gift…

    I do love the bag as well and the sequin skirt is fab.


  10. daisychain says replies5 November 2011

    this wish list has my name all over it! amazing!

  11. Anonymous says replies6 November 2011

    I have some serious love for this wishlist!

  12. Jen says replies6 November 2011

    Awesome, em!

  13. rikkilee says replies7 November 2011
  14. Christie says replies7 November 2011

    Beautiful, on my christmas list now!

  15. sugar sweet says replies7 November 2011

    Want everything! SSxx

  16. Anonymous says replies7 November 2011

    Need the jumper so bad!

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