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  1. www.blahblahbecky.co.uk says replies7 November 2011

    Ooh lovely outfit Mrs, what a bargain that coat was! Must buy one myself! (I never found the Rupert pants, boo!)

    I think your hair looks fab, as always :)


  2. Jen says replies7 November 2011

    Beautiful pictures! Who takes them? Wish I had someone to take mine – I just use a tripod!

    You look gorgeous in this coat! Almost 50s esque with the colouring and the lipstick

  3. Fani says replies7 November 2011

    lovely coat and snood (strange word indeed!)

  4. Rebecca's Vintage Romance says replies7 November 2011

    You look amazing, I love your hair. That coat is lovely, it looks so so warm & I can’t quite believe it was only £17.50! It looks gorgeous with the black too.
    I am really into H&M at the moment, I could literally spend hundreds of pounds in there because there’s so much I want!
    Rebecca x

  5. Lucy says replies7 November 2011

    Ooh, i just posted a long comment but dont think it came out! :(

  6. Anonymous says replies7 November 2011

    Fantastic photography! Do you pay for a professional?!

  7. Kelly says replies7 November 2011

    Such a gorgeous coat, and gorgeous pictures.
    Love the Red lip.

  8. Victoria says replies7 November 2011

    classic neutral outfit. Your lips really pop! gorgeous!


  9. Soph says replies7 November 2011

    Beautiful as always. Fab outfit.x

  10. Soph says replies7 November 2011

    Beautiful as always. Fab outfit.x

  11. daisychain says replies7 November 2011

    YES! We are coat twins. My life is complete.

  12. Charli says replies7 November 2011

    I love this!!!

  13. Soph says replies7 November 2011

    Beautiful as always!

  14. Helen says replies7 November 2011

    Great coat- very chic. I may have to pop into H&M and try and find myself a bargain

  15. Emily Divine says replies7 November 2011

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! To all that said they might try and find it themselves, do – grab a bargain! Emily xx

  16. Charlotte says replies7 November 2011

    You look lovely here! Love the outfit and the lipstick looks amazing on you xx

  17. Sugar sweet says replies8 November 2011

    You always look amazing! Jealous! Xx

  18. Rach says replies8 November 2011

    Truly beautiful!

  19. Anonymous says replies8 November 2011

    As the blog name suggests… divine!

  20. Amy says replies8 November 2011

    You looks absolutely stunning. This outfit is perfect! I can’t believe that bag is from h&m, it looks designer! xxx

  21. Barbara Tommasin says replies8 November 2011

    I love your coat!!


  22. Lara says replies9 November 2011

    Emily you look beautiful! You always do, but particularly here. The 50s makeup really works for you! L xx

  23. Anonymous says replies9 November 2011

    Amazing images. Beautiful lady

  24. LucyyLou says replies9 November 2011
  25. Sarah says replies12 November 2011

    Wow! Stunning x

  26. Jessica Buurman says replies6 November 2012

    Love your look.
    Your lipstick,bag,coat,Scarf everything is killing.


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