Barry M have left me with candy coloured dreams of turning forward the clock and skipping right on in to springtime. Their already wonderful range of Gelly Nail Paints is being expanded with the introduction of some scrumptiously exotic tutti-frutti inspired shades, in addition to the new spring summer sweetheart coloured delights of the textured nail effects range. The most colourful brand in cosmetics is completely affordable and what’s more, Barry M never test on animals; all of their products are suitable for vegetarians. Impressive, non? Now I’ve got your bunny-loving selves attention, I’ll tell you about the dreamy new shades. On sale at £3.99 from Feb 13th at and Superdrug, and Boots from Feb 20th.
These hi-shine delights leave you with an super-shiny mani. Having had a gellish manicure before, I’d say that these beauties leave you with the exact same look. The application is stress-free; no streaks, good converage even with one coat and a fast drying time. The wear is extremely long lasting and remains high shine. The new fruity shades are no less than completely dellectable.
The gritty, matte formula just oozes east end cool. There is an essence of grunge, though the candy floss shades give a significantly sweet, playful aspect to them! I do hope you can see the effect in the photographs; it feels like fine, tiny grains of sand on your nails. It’s achieved by lots of glitter particles mixed in; although I feared it might feel a little strange but it feels rather nice, I cant stop touching them! Beware, you may have an increased urge to eat saccharine goodies 😉
Textured Nails Effects: Kingsland Road | Station Road | Ridley Road | Atlantic Road
Gelly Nail Paint: Dragon | Greenberry | Lychee | Papaya

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  1. Nikki LunarLights says replies11 February 2013

    These colours are absolutely gorgeous!! Xxx

  2. Michelle L. says replies11 February 2013

    Rainbow nails, so funky!! Really tempted by the Gelly Nails paints, might mean I can skip the glossy top coat.

    Michelle x
    The Never-Ending Wardrobe

  3. aynur A says replies11 February 2013

    The colours are so pretty, perfect for spring and summer

  4. Naomi says replies11 February 2013

    I did something similar last year for Easter, like Easter eggs!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  5. LAUREN MAHON says replies11 February 2013

    LOVE the textured colours babes. xxx

  6. Roxii says replies11 February 2013

    I really want the textured polish!

  7. Fashion Infatuation says replies11 February 2013

    Oh wow! These polishes are gorgeous! So cute! :)

  8. Anonymous says replies11 February 2013

    Love the colours!

  9. Gemma Talbot says replies11 February 2013

    Wow! Love the colour of your nails! The Jelly High Shine nail polishes are so good and leave your nails so shiny. Very pretty nails, you have got to love Barry M x

  10. Maddy says replies11 February 2013

    I love the pastel colours and I really want to try the Gelly paints! xxx

  11. Kimberly Love says replies11 February 2013

    Love the colors nice addition to any outfit

  12. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies11 February 2013

    Really pretty colours!

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  13. Annabelle says replies11 February 2013

    I’m excited for these!

  14. LilyLipstick says replies11 February 2013

    I love these shades. I really need to try textured polishes. x

  15. GlamourCreations says replies12 February 2013

    what camera do you use ? xxx kat

  16. Iggy's Berlin Buddy says replies12 February 2013

    Beautiful photography!

  17. Megan Hunt says replies12 February 2013

    The colours look absolutely gorgeous! I’m tempted to go on the boots website and make a purchase. I still cannot decide whether or not I will like the textured polishes or not, so may have to put one in my basket to try :) xo

  18. Dot (Claire) says replies12 February 2013

    I have GOT to try these textured effects. Love the candy shades. xx

  19. Simple Sophie says replies13 February 2013

    i’ve never thought much about barry m nail polishes but haven’t heard a bad word about the gelly ones! ox

  20. Beth, xx says replies13 February 2013

    these are lovely :)
    followed you xx

  21. Rosie Wollacott says replies4 March 2013

    Stunning colours, I love the gelly ones. Not sure if I’ll try the textured ones or not though, I love having smooth nails and always use far too much topcoat when I have glittery nails so I cant feel the roughness. Rosie x

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