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The time has come to mix it up a little. I talked about changes to this site in my last post, some giant, some small. Nevertheless, the biggest change to come is absolute honesty from me, because after all, my mama always said honesty is the best policy. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been telling you any fibs (cross my heart!), but perhaps I’ve just been giving off the wrong idea. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Hello! My name is Emily and I write a fashion blog. It was a complete head over heels love affair when I first started, but since then I’ve got in to some bad habits and a little of that love has gone away – you guys have probably noticed it, right? Blogging I love, the constant outfit posts, not so much. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, is what I’ve been telling myself – I seem to have created a pretty good recipe over here because you guys always tell me how much you love this corner of the internet, so I’ve not dared to change anything. However, I feel like it’s become a little empty and I want my content to become as meaty as it did when I first started, and that starts with this exact post.

Over the last four years, I’ve had countless emails from readers telling me ‘ I idolise your style’ , ‘you have the perfect life’ and crazily even down to ‘I wish I was you’….keep with me, I do have a point.  Let’s just throw this out there guys – we’re all equal – there’s nothing about me that’s more special than there is about you. You should never wish to be somebody else, because you’re bloody fantastic.

Writing a fashion blog means you guys only get to see what I want you to see. Although some of my outfit posts are real, there’s a percentage which are styled for the purpose. Those outfits I cherry pick from my wardrobe, that then are trekked across whatever town or city I’m in to find the ‘ideal’ location. It’s not real. The secret is, more often than not, the outfit is put together for that post specifically and I might never ever wear all the elements of it together in my ‘real’ day-to-day life. Especially when it comes to heels, because y’know, they bloody hurt and who can really summon the willpower to walk around in them all day? (Okay, so I do do that sometimes, but probably not as often as this blog would have you think.)

Back to the point in hand – you’re freaking awesome. Don’t wish to change your life to be like somebody else because there is nobody better than you. Especially not me. My life is definitely not perfect, because, well, what is perfection for starters? I still have mundane things to do day-in, day-out, like the washing up because we’ve never got round to buying a dishwasher (old fashioned are we!), do the ironing (oh god I hate ironing) and do grocery shopping (I know that someone reading this in particular knows, seeing as they followed me round Tesco talking about this blog to their friend and then hiding when I turned around…a giant hello to whoever you are! 😉 ).

I wondered how to illustrate my point and to show you was the only way I thought best. Here I am, makeup-less, in casual ‘everyday’ clothes. Lets start again from here on, shall we? It’s nice to meet you.

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Did I mention some changes were happening in these parts? Seeing as this blog has been around for 4 years now (high fives to anyone that can remember it when it was hosted on my .blogspot address!), I thought it was time for a real freshen up! I also thought it would perfectly coincide with all the other changes that you may notice – but more on that in a moment…!

I hope you’ll agree that it’s got a little more life to it. It feels so much more….well, me! You’ll notice there are many more pages and much more information dotted about for you to read, so do enjoy exploring and taking a look around. Everything works seamlessly and should be so much easier to navigate, so I hope you’ll think that the experience is better than ever. I have to thank Lisa for all her hard work and creativity, taking my somewhat bizarre sketches and vague ideas, and turning them in to something so fantastic. I couldn’t recommend her enough, she is entirely magic.


What were those other changes I’ve been rambling on about? Well, you’ll see for yourself soon but let’s just say it’s my way of saying goodbye to a blog that is entirely made up of personal style, cos let’s face it, it was never overly interesting by itself, was it?

Say hello to a whole variety of content – travel to life lessons, fashion and photography to food and style to magical thinking. Welcome to the new I’ve dedicated my own life to making the most of those little moments and turning them in to ones I’ll remember forever. This is now a space in which I’ll be showing you how you can too, how you can really and truly make life magic.

Be sure to add me on Bloglovin so you don’t miss my updates! I hope you’ll stick with me and come along for the ride, it’s going to be completely and utterly kick-ass. x

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