This is the last of the posts from me without tights, it seems. It’s bizarrely hailing outside after a really warm couple of days (though, truth be told, I did infact have a leather jacket on with this outfit). I’ve never been one to dress sensibly but if I carry on like this now the weather has officially turned, I fear I’ll get hypothermia. I’m probably looking a little too summer considering it’s October. Okay, make that definitely. I just don’t like winter, y’know? Open toed shoes are just so much prettier than boots. Clearly this is me trying to protest somewhat. Anyway…!

I wish I had something vaguely exciting to put in this post, but alas. The next couple of days are going to be spent watching Rich and his Dad re-laying floorboards in our hallway and other general house renovation bits, whilst I sit huddled under my new urbanara blanket with a cuppa. Sorry (not sorry) for all the home talk for any of you that aren’t particularly interested, but it’s pretty all consuming right now! Perhaps I’ll do a house tour when we’re done…

Top – Topshop | Skirt – Bank | Shoes – Sarenza | Bag – Pepa Loves


I’ve been meaning to post these images for a couple of weeks now, after a wonderfully chilled out day in my local park. I say park, it’s a giant expanse of beautiful trees, hills and hidden walks which every year holds a free one-day music festival for around 45,000 people – the day these images are from! Rich was playing as per usual, so along with some friends, we took a picnic, suncream galore plus Fleur of course, and enjoyed a day outdoors with music all around. Perfect! Layering a t-shirt under pink dress I first wore last year (you can see it in this post!) I felt a teeny bit 90s chic with the spaghetti straps.

Just a quick post form me today as I’m busy working on lots of new things with Whimsy. Between that and dreaming of my A/W wardrobe (the shops bringing all the new season pieces out in August make you yearn for cosy cardigans and tweed fabric, don’t they?!), I’m a busy girl this week. In particular lusting for the polka dot shirt and turtle neck dress from Giles at Avenue 32, if money were no object, of course… 😉


So, it’s that time of year when the shops start stocking A/W goodies, yet we’re still clinging on to summer for dear life. The time of year when I’m desperate to still swan about in swimwear and pretty summer dresses, yet I’m yearning for the monochrome and burgundy delights of the colder months. What better way to express this, than a wishlist, huh?

First up, let talk about these cheap summer dresses. I say cheap, and I mean cheap. A press pal introduced me to Runway Republic the other day, and I haven’t stopped browsing since so I thought they deserved a shout-out. It’s a bit of a crossover between online shopping and social networking. Probably the best two things ever in one. Anyway, back to the summer dresses. At this time of year I’m somewhat reluctant to spend a lot on a summer dress, mainly because I won’t be able to wear it for too much longer – let’s face it, who wants to spend out for something they’ll just put away til next year? I bet none of you raised your hands. I’ve seriously got my eye on the three beauties above, the red in particular will certainly have to become mine.

Next up – swimwear. I’ve decided to stock up this time of year because once summer is over, finding swimwear is no easy feat! That means for winter holidays, spa days and even a quick swim at the gym I’m usually left with a dire one-piece from somewhere not particularly desireable. I may have gone a little overboard this year, as I’ve already purchased these lovely pieces from My Curves and Me. I love being able to purchase the top and bottoms of bikini’s seperately – it means I’ve finally got a couple of bikini’s that really fit perfectly! Hurrah – Swimwear mission accomplished. Somebody stop me before I get carried away looking at their pretty underwear..

Last, but by no means least, are the gorgeous black dresses on my wishlist from (funnily enough) Little Black Dress.co.uk. I always think black dresses and cosy burgundy shades are so appealing at this time of year that I end up stocking up! I also have a couple of weddings and a christening coming up that these will work for. From the above, it seems I’m loving faux-leather on my dresses this season! I’ve decided after much deliberation on the above three, as they aren’t too formal or too casual. I like my dresses to be versatile, and these are certainly that. Depending on what I style them with, I think they’ll work for most occasions, and that’s what I like in a black dress.

What’s on your late summer wishlist? Anybody else stocking up on summer delights and winter goodies?