How many cats can you spot in these photos? Gold stars for anyone that gets them all from the ones in my ears to each of the moggies adorning my dress.

Rich and I were treated to afternoon tea a week or so ago, by Dreams Beds, as a way to give me back an hour (seeing as we lost one with it becoming british summer time). We had such a wonderful time nibbling on the delicate sandwiches, delicious pastries and indulgent cakes. What a treat it was. You know what, Dreams are giving away similar hours over on their Twitter account if you fancy yourself lucky! 😉

The outfit of choice as I mentioned, was my new cat print dress that has become a regular dress of choice along with my cat earrings, of course. They are just so cute with their hand drawn kitty faces, they’ve not left my ears since. There’s jewellery like this galore at Ginger Pickle, so have a peek for more pretties! My new Florian bag came along for the trip too – the patent tan matched the dress perfectly. I say this every time, but I really have used this bag non-stop. It’s perfect in every way – pretty darn beautiful to look at whilst being so functional and big enough for all my bits and bobs (read – junk). A definite winner and my ‘must have’ in the lovely bag stakes.

I’m having cravings for more afternoon tea already, having to look back at these photos! Whoops. Tea and cake, here I come.

Dress – Bang Good | Shoes – Kurt Geiger | Bag – Florian London | Earrings – Ginger Pickle

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  1. Gemma Talbot says replies29 April 2013

    Gorgeous dress, I love the print. Those cakes look amazing! I want to eat them all ha x

  2. Sonia says replies29 April 2013

    This is such a lovely outfit! I adore the earrings!

  3. Maddy says replies29 April 2013

    Love the outfit, you look really cute! xxx

    Maddy from

  4. aynur A says replies29 April 2013

    Stunning outfit, your shoes are AMAZING!

    ♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

  5. Emma Brown says replies29 April 2013

    Such lovely crisp photography and an adorable outfit as well.

    Everyday Routines

  6. Helen Le Caplain says replies29 April 2013

    Love your outfit, particularly all the kitty references and those sandals!

    Looks like you had a great time nibbling dainty cakes and sandwiches :)

  7. afternibbin. says replies29 April 2013

    Your outfit is very cute, I especially love those little cat earrings! :)

  8. Naomi says replies29 April 2013

    You look quite pretty with that nod lip shade!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  9. VioletDaffodils says replies29 April 2013

    you are pretty 😀 some lovely photographs here 😀 xx

  10. Jamie Rose says replies30 April 2013

    This cat print dress is so wonderful! I love the ruffled hem detail on it. Cute cat earrings too!

  11. Simple Sophie says replies30 April 2013

    what a gorgeous dress and can’t believe those earrings are hand drawn, how cute :) that tea look delicious you lucky thing ox

  12. Jennifer Louise says replies30 April 2013

    Gorgeous outfit – I love the earrings! And what a great idea by Dreams Beds; looks like you had a good time :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x

  13. Elizabeth says replies30 April 2013

    Love the dress, you take beautiful photos!

  14. char says replies1 May 2013

    Ahh, lots and lots of cats – I lost count!

  15. Ester Durães says replies1 May 2013

    I may be a bit biased because I love cat-inspired fashion but I find this outfit so cute! well done, Emily, you look so pretty!

    Drawing Dreaming

  16. Paige Joanna says replies2 May 2013

    My new favorite blog, you are so pretty it hurts!

  17. Mrs. D says replies3 May 2013

    I love the dress! I’m a cat lady and I like everything cat :)
    I have the same shoes in pink, they’re really pretty in black too!

  18. WMBG says replies3 May 2013

    sehr tolles outfit!


  19. Katie says replies3 May 2013

    Gorgeous outfit, and you look amazing! So glad I found your blog! xx

  20. Anna Kiy says replies4 May 2013

    Awesome dress!!!! And the photoshoot is great, all the photos are so colorful, and you look really gooooorgeous!!!)))
    And I love your eye make-up – gonna try something like that myself !!!))

  21. Imogen says replies6 May 2013

    Wow this is 100% my style, absolutely stunning and outstanding. It incorporates two of my favourite aspects which are red lipstick and kitty cat print

  22. Misha GraysonColeman says replies9 May 2013

    Love the cat print dress !! you look stunning :)

  23. alicat says replies11 May 2013

    Wow you pull off red lipstick so well – jealous. You look gorgeous and great photography!

  24. sheworeribbon says replies23 May 2013

    I adore the dress and earrings! Beautiful!


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