The wonderful white stuff has gone at last which means I can finally resume taking photographs. Don’t get me wrong, I could have taken some but I just didn’t fancy standing about shivering, y’know! In case you’re thinking, ‘she didn’t really wear those shoes when it’s this cold’, I can tell you I certainly did. Boy did I feel like a moron when I got home and felt like I had frost bite! My poor toes. Embracing the hope of some sun with sunglasses too, a little optimistic perhaps, but that never hurt anyone. There is a bizarre thing going on with my hair in these photos – the top of my head appears grey and ginger tinged. Not loving it, I can’t lie – though, I promise it doesn’t look like that in person. Honest, eep.
I really don’t wear these trousers enough. I call them my rupert bear trousers as they’re obviously checked, but I’ve since realised Rupert’s are very bright yellow and not actually similar in the slightest. Never mind, the name has already stuck! I think they’re perfect to pair with these shoes and my boucle jacket. You could sell me anything with a Chanel label on it, so the similar style of this jacket was always going to win my heart. Swoooon.
I’ve spent the day basically talking to myself as I have a presentation for uni that I need to learn by heart, bit bored of my own voice now, I’ll admit! Bloomin’ can’t wait for uni to be over and I can stop whinging/worrying about it all – sorry for the tedious natter until then. Popping to london on Saturday for a very much needed hair cut, to do some bargain hunting at Westfield Stratford and to grab some tea and cake with my favourite blogger gal pals which will be rather lovely – can’t wait. If you fancy coming too, just tweet me! Now, I guess I’d better get back to talking to myself like a loon 😉
Trousers – H&M | Jumper – Sosolo | Jacket – Apricot | Shoes – Kurt Geiger 
Necklace – Vintage | Sunglasses – Forever 21

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  1. Charli says replies22 January 2013

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Charli says replies22 January 2013

    I am so jealous that you have no snow :(
    It’s pouring down here

    Charli @


  3. Tilly-Jayne says replies22 January 2013

    I am SO glad the snow is starting to clear it just causes havoc! I love this outfit, those trousers and shoes are just gorgeous xx

  4. Lauren says replies22 January 2013

    You’re so pretty! Love those shoes 😀 xo

  5. daisychain says replies22 January 2013

    some days I just really want to be you

  6. Amy Mary says replies22 January 2013

    I had a presentation I needed to learn off by heart as well for my teacher training interview, nerve wracking but once you start going it just flows.

    I know what you mean by being sick of your own voice :)

    Lovely post and I have a pair of the trousers you are wearing :)
    I love them



  7. Gemma Talbot says replies22 January 2013

    I really like your trousers and shoes! Another lovely outfit from you Em! X

  8. Maddy says replies22 January 2013

    Wish all the snow was gone here! Desperate for Spring now! xxx

  9. Annabelle says replies22 January 2013

    You look so chic 😀 I wish the snow was gone here too lol

  10. Hannah Cagney Lace says replies22 January 2013

    I love your trousers, they’re Paddington Bear meets Sherlock Holmes! I have some tartan trousers too and I absolutely adore them. Cute forest green jumper that you’ve teamed with them too.


  11. Glitter Detector says replies22 January 2013

    Oh that jumper is beautiful xx

  12. aynur A says replies22 January 2013

    Photos are stunning;
    Love the outfit


  13. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe says replies23 January 2013
  14. Anonymous says replies23 January 2013

    Love this effortless look!

  15. Amy says replies23 January 2013

    Love those shoes so so much! They look comfy too, which is always a bonus. Lovely outfit.


  16. Sophie - CGDN says replies23 January 2013

    those trousers are fabulous, lots of love for them x

  17. Naomi says replies24 January 2013

    I really like all the attention to details~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  18. Anonymous says replies25 January 2013

    love this look. unusual shoes!

  19. Anonymous says replies25 January 2013

    love this look. unusual shoes!

  20. Becky | says replies25 January 2013

    So looking forward to seeing you tomorrow sweet! Until then, enjoy your haircut and your shopping (if the shopping is also pre-cake & chat)! xx

    Becky |

  21. Leah Gibbons says replies27 January 2013

    Love this outfit, the shoes and sunglasses are to die for!
    New follower on GFC :)

  22. Debbie Ingle says replies28 January 2013

    Fab shoes and really lovely blog! Congrats on your new job too:)

  23. Jessica Buurman says replies31 January 2013

    Love your Trousers, Jumper, Jacket. Sunglasses.
    You Look really classy in this.

    I have wonderful collection of Street Style apparels.

    Hug and kisses.

  24. Anonymous says replies25 February 2013

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  25. Anonymous says replies28 February 2013

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  26. Ren says replies28 March 2013

    I got really excited when I saw your hair in these photos! Was all chuffed to think you were actually a redhead like me. :) Ah well, back to envying your gorgeous brunette hair. 😉

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