Chocolate Eggs and bargains galore.

Hey dolls, Happy Easter! Have you all been scoffing lots of choclolate all day? I know I have!

I woke up extra bright and early this morning, as Rich and I had decided to go to a carboot sale. He quickly informed me however, I was absolutely not allowed to go and shower because I had an easter egg hunt! Bless him. We went to bed fairly late last night, around one-ish, but as soon as I had dosed off he had hidden eggs and clues all over the house, how sweet of him! So there I was hunting around the house for chocolate goodies before it had even turned 7am. He got me some lindt bunnies and a huge variety off eggs, Yummy. I am going to be huge!
Here’s a quick outfit post before we get started, please bear in mind it was about 7am…
Top – Miss Selfridge
Jeans – Topshop
Belt – Vintage Store
Necklace – Charity Shop
Bangles I always wear – Topshop
So off we drove to a carboot about 10 minutes away from us, and boy did I get some bargains. It was such a hot morning, I caught the sun in the 2 hours max I was in it!
Ok, I’ll show you what I got.
Probably doesn’t look that exciting..however, I got..
1. A GENUINE CHANEL PURSE…for £10? I think so. It even came in the little box thing and has hardly been used! They were fools for selling it that cheap, I would have paid so much more.
2. Two pairs of brand new and unworn miss selfridge earrings for 50p. I’d actually almost bought both these pairs in store so I couldn’t say no.
3. Brand new Freedom @ Topshop bangle, same as above, has lusted after it instore but couldn’t justify it. 50p bargain
4. Little vintagey gem pendant. I think it’s cute and for 30p it was always going to be mine.
5. Navy and White Topshop blouse thing. I bought it knowing I was gonna hack off the sleeves – which I will post up at a later date! £1.00
6. Pink chiffon material frilly blouse top, looks so nice on (will post soon). 75p
7. Replica Chloe Paddington Bag. I’m not one for fakes, but I love the Chloe bags and am too poor to afford one. This bag is a really closer copy but just doesn’t have the branding and for 50p how could I not buy it?
So in total, I spent £13.55p. So little money for some ace stuff, actually made my day, especially my purse – so chuffed! In between munching on chocolate, Rich and I did a bit of gardening and sat out in the sun. Has been lovely actually!
How have all your easters been? Lots of chocolate and family time, or perhaps you’ve been out and about like me! Do let me know lovelies!
Love Emily xxx
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  1. Hannah says replies24 April 2011

    How on earth was that channel purse only a tenner?? Wowza!!! :o) that has to be bargain of the century? :o) xxx

  2. Harris says replies24 April 2011

    Great finds! I’m jealous you got them so cheap!

  3. abcdefghiloveyou says replies24 April 2011

    I cannot believe you got a Chanel purse a real one for £10, god it’s like giving it away! you could ay more for a fake one! ha I love all these items you hav bought, they all look amazing! :) oh and i did your nail idea and it went well though the picture i took of mine didn’t turn out to well but you can check it out on my blog if you want! :) x

  4. Emma says replies24 April 2011

    you got some lovely things, i have that bag in cream! oh and i loveee your newspaper nails below, such an excellent idea! x

  5. Penny and Lola says replies25 April 2011

    God you got such good finds , I live in a little village and the car boot here only ever has like 3 stalls with some ornaments and books !!Waaaa xx

  6. Fani says replies25 April 2011

    hey can you please tell me where on earth is this store ? 😀 is it london ?

  7. BlushBuzz says replies27 April 2011

    Lindt’s Chocolates are my FAVE!!! The pink top is super cute!

  8. Silk for dinner says replies28 April 2011

    Hi Doll, love your blog. It’s so stylish and fun to to read. xoxo Silk.

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