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  1. Anonymous says replies3 September 2011

    I really like the conker one

  2. Rami Coco says replies3 September 2011
  3. Temporary:Secretary says replies3 September 2011

    They’re so cute, makes me feel really autumny! x

  4. Emily Divine says replies4 September 2011

    Glad you all like them, I agree temp sec – they’re really autumny in style; especially the conker print ones! Love them xx

  5. Minnie Londoner says replies4 September 2011

    cool blog, thanks for inviting me to check it out from IFB chica, speak soon x

  6. Emily Divine says replies4 September 2011

    You’re welcome Minnie, glad you liek the blog xx

  7. Helen says replies4 September 2011

    I’ve just come across this brand recently, the bags are sooo lovely, I really must look into getting one!

  8. danniekate says replies6 September 2011

    well chuffed you commented on my post, i love your blog! these pieces are great, what a cool brand :) xx

  9. Ambyr says replies6 September 2011

    Very cool bag line. I’m loving the structured square bag.


  10. bangonstyle says replies6 September 2011

    I LOVE these bags – what a brilliant idea. I love wearing vintage accessories with my high street outfits and one of these would be perfect! Great find x x

  11. Style Eyes Fashion Blog says replies7 September 2011

    I love these vintage prints- so pretty and such lovely styles of bag. I especially love the cases. Thanks for sharing I have never even heard of this brand before

  12. Anonymous says replies19 September 2011

    The trumpington print is a winner and the quality looks fab.

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