Coat – Pretty Little Thing | Dress – Fred Perry | Brogues – Sarenza | Satchel – Cambridge Satchel 
Watch – Daniel Wellington | Scarf – Vintage
Goodness gracious, what a couple of weeks it has been. You may remember or have heard me natter on twitter that I’ve started a new job. The past two weeks have been my induction period which has kept me super busy whilst I constantly (even more than normal) try to make a good immpression. I can’t lie, I am absolutely exhausted so I truly hope you’ll forgive my silence.

Today I’ve been swanning around in my favourite colour combination (navy, red and white, duh) and just generally being in love with my own outfit. You can’t deny it, we all have those days when we feel like we could wear one outfit over and over. My Fred Perry polo dress is getting some serious wear already, and the sun hasn’t even started shining for summer yet. Sign of a good wardrobe piece? Heck yes. What’s funny is that Rich has bought a Tommy Hilfiger polo top that’s uber similar. We could match if funny looks from strangers took our fancy! My dress paired with the cute brogues I picked up from Sarenza are a match in metaphorical heaven, so I’l forgive the fact that they’re taking a little breaking in.
Hope everyone’s had a super couple of weeks. I’ve been hearing all about the super QC Style Academy this week. FYI, it’s an online fashion styling school launching its first ever course in Personal Styling. Sign up and you’ll get your mits on 32 e-books, 34 assignments, and 10 videos featuring NYC editorial and personal stylist, Alison Stewart. Tempted? I sure am. In other news, Rich and I have started our search to buy our first home. Exciting? Yes. Daunting? Also yes. Home buying tips very gratefully received. Anyway, enough of my nonsense chatting (anyone would think I’m excited to be back to blogging or something). I’ll be back to my normal posting regime (do I even have one?) from now I hope, so fear not if you’ve been missing me (if only, ahem). Have a good week chicks!

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  1. Charlotte Jane Murray says replies13 April 2013

    Ah i’m glad the new job is going well! And good luck with the house search, i’m sure you’ll find your dream home in no time, not that i’ve got any advice to go living in a student house :(
    Emily you look as beautiful as ever, I love, love, love you hair that length, it suits you so much!
    And that coat with the dress, swoon! xox

  2. rosedl says replies13 April 2013

    glad your new job is going well, Your make up always looks bloody amazing.
    i love this outfit too the camel colour with red, blue and white just looks so good xx

  3. Hannah. says replies13 April 2013

    Emily you are so pretty!, I’ve had my eye on that Fred Perry dress for a while it is perfect.
    Glad to hear your new job is going well, and good luck with the house hunt.


  4. Maddy says replies13 April 2013

    Your so beautiful and so is that dress! Perfect match! xxx

  5. Gemma Talbot says replies13 April 2013

    Gorgeous dress, I love your watch with it too. Your satchel also compliments this outfit so well x

  6. Kaz says replies13 April 2013

    I love this dress, Fred Perry have got some great stuff out this season for girls!
    Ooh good luck finding a home :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  7. Jennifer Louise says replies13 April 2013

    Great outfit! I love the colour scheme – and your Cambridge Satchel! I’m really considering getting one for myself as I reckon I’d get so much use out of it.

    Jennifer x

  8. Rebecca says replies13 April 2013

    I love this look! the polka dots are amazing.

  9. Elizabeth says replies14 April 2013

    So in love with the navy + polka dots + red lip. Stunning!

  10. Zoe Nancy says replies14 April 2013

    Your dress is stunning and your shoes are so cute!

  11. Browniekins says replies14 April 2013

    That dress looks lovely on you x

    Soul Sparkler

  12. Robyn Joy says replies14 April 2013

    LOVE everything about your outfit! Most importantly though – you wear red well…lucky lucky :) x

  13. Mrs. D says replies14 April 2013

    I really like this colour combo. The Fred Perry dress doesn’t disappoint – their stuff rarely does.
    thanks for linking up the QC style academy, that’s very interesting.
    Good luck with the house hunt xx

  14. VioletDaffodils says replies14 April 2013

    hope the job is going well for you 😀
    lovely outfit XD xx

  15. livlovelaugh says replies14 April 2013

    I can’t get over how pretty you are!! Love your style too!


  16. Palindrome Poppet says replies14 April 2013

    Ahh my gaaaad your face = perfection.

  17. Angasa Maliro says replies14 April 2013

    gorgeous! Love polka-dot

    Quirk and Swirl

  18. Natalia A says replies15 April 2013

    Such a beautiful outfit – I adore this combination of colours, too, as well as the polka dots! :)

  19. Dot (Claire) says replies16 April 2013

    Beautiful and timeless. Also jealous! xx

  20. Nancy Wilde says replies22 April 2013

    PERFECT! So beautiful!

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