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  1. Tinacious Me says replies18 December 2012

    Love your lipstick color! fierce!

  2. Farrah says replies18 December 2012

    Beautiful pictures!!

  3. Celene says replies18 December 2012

    these are gorgeous pictures, the last one is my favourite, hehe! xo


  4. Millie Cotton says replies18 December 2012

    This is so beautiful Emily. Amazing photos.

    It’s a LDN Thing

  5. Charli says replies18 December 2012

    You are so beautiful!
    Love this post!
    That mug is massive haha

  6. Annabelle says replies18 December 2012

    I want all of those books <3
    And your outfit is so pretty!


  7. Kim @lovecloth says replies18 December 2012

    such pretty photos.. love the tea pot

  8. rachel says replies19 December 2012

    gorgeous photos, you have such a pretty room x

  9. Hannah Cagney Lace says replies19 December 2012

    Such a beautiful post, I adore your super cute t-bar shoes & that underwear set sounds like a dream. You’re right about staying in, as a blogger you’re always trying to get outside but sometimes it’s just nice to be chilled out and do hardly anything.

    Hannah http://www.cagneyandlace.com

  10. lucy alexander says replies19 December 2012

    Love this post. You’r dress is gorgeous. I’m of the fashion books collection!!

  11. Jeeda says replies19 December 2012

    love the photos, the dress and shoes are cute!


  12. Jamie Rose says replies19 December 2012

    Oh man these pictures are all so pretty. You look gorgeous in them too. The last picture is making me want a cup of tea too!

  13. Vicki says replies19 December 2012

    fantastic photos! i always find taking photos inside so hard. these look amazing :) x

  14. Latest Fashion And Style says replies20 December 2012

    You are so beautiful. Nice style of making tea.


  15. GeorginaGoodman says replies21 December 2012

    love these pics


  16. Greta says replies23 December 2012

    The gorgeousness of these photos is almost too much to handle. <3 <3

    Greta xoxo

  17. John Mathews says replies2 January 2013

    Very nice photos Emily. You seem glamorous yet just slightly reserved. Proper but adventurous. I love the look and that ring on you is fabulous. Stay gorgeous, and pamper yourself at night with a beautiful facial before bed, it’s healthy and relaxing!

  18. Anonymous says replies27 February 2013

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