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  1. Rami Coco says replies5 October 2012
  2. Arabella says replies5 October 2012

    You look absolutely wonderful! Makes me even happier that I bought this jacket a week or so ago – can’t wait to wear it now! 😀

  3. Jeeda says replies5 October 2012

    Lovely dress…. You look gorgeous


  4. Rachel Davis says replies5 October 2012

    that jacket is amazingggg!


  5. StephDreamsBlog says replies5 October 2012

    Lovely outfit :) The shoes are amazing, hope you had a wonderful night x

  6. Lollihearts says replies5 October 2012

    love love the jacket! i saw a simliar one on New Look online



  7. Adrianna Keczmerska says replies6 October 2012

    I love how you always break (in a good way!) all your outfits with your pale skin and red lipstick. You look like Snow White, so lovely!

  8. Sam Hutchinson says replies6 October 2012

    You look so beautiful! Gorgeous jacket :-)

  9. Millie Cotton says replies6 October 2012

    So stunning! It was fab to meet you on Thursday xx

    It’s a LDN Thing

  10. Helen says replies6 October 2012

    These photos are absolute perfection. The dress, the jacket, the shoes!

  11. Amelia says replies6 October 2012

    You looked SO BEAUTIFUL. SO BEAUTIFUL. Even more stunning in the flesh people!

  12. Becky | lifestyleflash.com says replies7 October 2012

    So gutted you didn’t win but you’re right, it’s amazing to even be nominated! So congrats on that :)

    You look like a total babe, as always!

  13. Megan Jane says replies8 October 2012

    Lovely dress – you look beautiful! xo

  14. misse blog says replies8 October 2012

    Gorgeous outfit and you just look amazing!! Hope you had a great night

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  15. RCagz says replies8 October 2012

    Love the vampish feel of this outfit, those shoes are amazing! Hope you had an awesome night at the Cosmos :) xoxo

  16. Michelle says replies8 October 2012

    Woah, you look gorgeous! The resemblance between you and Morganna off Merlin is uncanny, defiantly a good thing 😀

    Just Smile.

  17. Goldy Loxx says replies9 October 2012

    I want your jacket – where from where from?! <3 xx

  18. Jackie says replies9 October 2012

    Great pics. Lovin the handbag and the shoes …infact, the whole outfit. :o)

    Jackie @
    Minerva Collection UK Handbags&Jewellery

  19. Le Material Girl says replies10 October 2012

    gorgeous dress – I love the jacket too! :)

  20. Helen says replies10 October 2012

    You look absolutely gorgeous, the dress is amazing.

  21. Gemma Talbot says replies11 October 2012
  22. Frida Jons says replies15 October 2012

    Absolutely love our outfit! Such a great blog! xxF


  23. Josephine Pearl says replies19 October 2012

    This dress is stunning, love the cut-out detail at the back.. so chic :)

    Jo. xx

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