Another day, another pretty looking field to wander through and explore! I really am dreading the cold that autumn and winter bring, because I’ve so been enjoying being outside as much as possible these past few months. Alas, I’ll just enjoy it as much as possible and wear as many pretty dresses bare legged as I can ’til then. This field in particular was full of Dandelions. I’ve always made wishes on them, but as there were so many I picked the biggest, fluffiest one of all.

Dress – Pepa Loves | Sunglasses – Forever 21 | Earrings – Tessies

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  1. Bethany Wood says replies19 August 2013

    Beautiful, I love the picture of you and a dandelion it’s so pretty :-)

    Betty x x

  2. Rosie W says replies19 August 2013

    Stunning Emily, really gorgeous photos. I love your look.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. Jane's Jumbles says replies19 August 2013

    What an adorable dress! So pretty 😀 x


  4. StephDreamsBlog says replies19 August 2013

    Pretty as a pea….I’m not sure you’d think pea’s are pretty, but for this quote, let’s say they are 😉
    Lovely dress, and the photos are gorgeous xx


  5. mengobati penyakit jantung koroner says replies20 August 2013

    very elegant style
    obat gusi bengkak

  6. Paige Joanna says replies20 August 2013

    that necklace is SO COOL!! Your photos are always so bright and lovely, gorgeous honey!

  7. Lauren says replies15 September 2013

    That necklace is amazing! Love your style.

    Lauren x

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