A stroll to the park in town with Fleur led me past the same little run down alley and I couldn’t resist to take a few snaps. Wearing the most whimsy cat skirt – I won it as part of a Vintage Style Me giveaway a few months back, and this is, believe it or not, it’s debut on Emily Divine. I’m also wearing a Collective white tee as part of their styling challenge. It’s the most wonderful quality – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to resort back to H&M basics after this. To accessorize, some beautifully quaint, brightly patterened earrings and teapot necklace from Onetenzeroseven.

After a wander round the park we popped in to town and as I tried to find a YSL counter so I could renew my touche eclat foundation – my ‘go-to’ foundation, if anyone is interested!. Alas, one could not be found (I was certain there was one somewhere, perhaps I’m going loopy) so I ended up getting it from the YSL section online on the Harvey Nichols website instead.

This got me thinking about the ‘cost’ of beauty. Have you ever watched one of those ‘how much does my face cost’ videos or blog posts, where the blogger/vlogger totals up how much it costs to do their make-up each day? It’s often astounding and I daren’t try and work out mine as I prefer higher end foundations and skin care products. Are girls just wasting away the balance on their current accounts? It’s food for though, that’s for sure. Bring back the days where my 13 year old self would get everything from the natural collection counter in boots.

Skirt – Vintage Style Me | T-shirt – Collective | Shoes – Sarenza | Jewellery – Onetenzeroseven

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  1. Rosie W says replies8 July 2013

    I definitely spend a lot on skin care and clothes – after all my monthly bills, this is where most of my money goes. But I feel happier when I think I look good and so I dont regret the spend.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. Alisha Johnson says replies8 July 2013

    I love this skirt, the cat print is so cute!

    I spend way too much on beauty products, I always buy new hair products or things that are half price for no reason! I need to start spending money on quality, not quantity.

    Alisha Magic

  3. daisychain says replies8 July 2013

    I loveeee your skirt Emily x

  4. char says replies8 July 2013

    Love the skirt, and the teapot necklace. I’m not a beauty fiend, I rarely buy or use any beauty or make up products – I spend on shoes and clothes to make up for that, though.

  5. Elizabeth says replies8 July 2013

    You look so pretty, that skirt is adorable! I don’t think I spent too much on beauty products, I try to pick and choose high-end and use drugstore brands when I can.

  6. Courtney Melville says replies8 July 2013

    I don’t spend too much on beauty products, just the typical drugstore stuff, and i buy majority of my clothes from charity shops. You look fabulous btw xx

  7. Sam says replies8 July 2013

    I just came across your blog through twitter – that skirt looks really lovely on you! I’ve got a similar cat print skirt from Vintage Style Me (only mine has pigeons on it as well) which is one of my favourites.

    I tend to stick to Boots 3 for 2 whenever I buy make-up to try and save money but the amount I spend is probably still quite a decent amount thinking about it.


  8. Megan Hunt says replies8 July 2013

    That skirt is so beautiful! I hardly ever buy high end beauty products because they make me feel so guilty! xo

  9. SarahDoes... says replies8 July 2013

    Argh i dread to think what i spend on make-up and clothes! I know it’s too much, thats for sure.

  10. onetenzeroseven says replies8 July 2013

    Emily you look gorgeous! Thank you for wearing my pieces so well :) I love the last image with the teapot – totally adorable.

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven

  11. head over heels says replies9 July 2013

    this skirt is so so adorable! as for the price of beauty i don’t buy a lot of expensive make up, but i probably end up spending just as much buying lots of cheaper things that i never wear!! x

  12. Ester Durães says replies9 July 2013

    oh my, that skirt is so so beautiful, Emily! I am in love with it and how it perfectly matches your also adorable shoes! great outfit :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  13. PSbyDila says replies9 July 2013

    That skirt is so cute!

  14. Jamie Rose says replies9 July 2013

    This outfit is so adorable while still being simple for summer. I love the print on your skirt so much! What a cute teapot necklace too.

  15. Lollihearts says replies10 July 2013

    amazing the print

  16. Purple Ivy says replies10 July 2013

    The skirt is stunning and what a fun print. Love how you styled it with the plain tee to let the skirt ‘do the talking’ Beautoful photos Emily.


  17. Paige Joanna says replies15 July 2013

    Looking gorgeous as usual my darling <3

  18. Jessica Brown says replies17 July 2013

    Your dog is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I’d hate to add up how much my make-up costs, although – I do still get eyeshadows from Natural Collection!! x

  19. Paige says replies20 July 2013

    And oh my god just spotted this skirt!! So cute once again gorgeous photos! x

  20. Strategy consultancy says replies25 July 2013

    You look gorgeous in those pictures.

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