1. Kenneth Jay Lane    2. Max and Chloe    3. Liz Larios    4. ASOS    5. ASOS   6. ASOS  
7. Andara Lapis    8. ASOS    9. Ebay    10. Blu Bijoux

You all know I love my big knuckle dusters of rings, these are a selection of beauties I’m lusting after at the moment. Hint hint to family/friends/rich if you read this. Has anybody seen any nice ones on the highstreet? I much prefer going in to a store any buying something than waiting an age for it come in the post/not being in and having to go to the sorting office to get it (pet hate, grrr). Come on, at least a few of you must detest that too, right? Leave me your rings suggestions, I’ll be grateful!

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  1. vivi says replies16 October 2011

    you’re absolutely right.. and i’m tellig you this after making an order on asos.com 😉 but here in italy i can’t find all the brands.. such as river island, which is one of my favourites.. so, i prefer waiting a couple of days and have my stuffs, instead of not having them at all. 😛
    about those rings, i love # 6,7,9,10. :)

  2. Amanda Lou says replies16 October 2011

    #6 is literally too amazing!

    I neeeeeed it!



  3. Oneika says replies17 October 2011

    Not a ring person but I am in LOVE with number 9!


  4. Anonymous says replies17 October 2011

    I literally lvoe all of these! xx

  5. Rachel says replies17 October 2011

    I always go to ebay for rings! They always have near exact replica ones from the highstreet for less than half the price!

  6. Bruce says replies17 October 2011

    loved this page
    Eye Makeup Tips

  7. head over heels says replies18 October 2011

    number 6 is adorable and have you tried forever21 for more? love your dressing room from the last post btw! x

  8. Mademoiselle Lala says replies18 October 2011

    I love number 6!!! So Venetian! X


  9. Ashleigh says replies19 October 2011

    I love them all but I think number 3 is my favourite!
    Ashleigh x

  10. Anonymous says replies19 October 2011

    Number 8 makes me think of your style the most!

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