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  1. invisible_squirrel says replies1 May 2011

    I went carbooting this morning, I was very strict with myself though but I couldn’t resist some bargains!


  2. getdressed says replies1 May 2011

    What color Barry M lippy is that? Its beautiful! As is the Petit Chou jewellery! Have a lovely day. X


  3. Jazzy E (hivenn) says replies1 May 2011

    Love your hair! x hivenn

  4. Julia Topaz says replies1 May 2011

    woah! that is one intense ring.

  5. Cherry says replies1 May 2011

    Sometimes a simple outfit works really well, even better than something that a lot of thought has been put into. I love your necklace!

  6. Keren Leah says replies1 May 2011

    I’ve been doing uni work most of the weekend :(
    I like the header of your blog better than the old one, looks really nice :)

  7. Sandy Joe says replies1 May 2011

    Your make up is so simple but stunning. That lipstick colour is magical.


    The Pretty Secrets

  8. Moroccan fashion diary says replies1 May 2011

    Love that ring ♥♥♥


  9. Madeline says replies1 May 2011

    Pretty outfit! I love your necklace :)

  10. Ann Marie M. says replies1 May 2011

    You look very pretty. The accesories are great!

  11. Hannah says replies1 May 2011

    Love the lipstick! :o) x

  12. Mimi says replies1 May 2011

    Wow! You got 40 pens on ebay! Geez, cant wait to see them! Your ring is amazing…oh and I love jeans and t-shirts too!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  13. Emma says replies1 May 2011

    These are Great pictures! I Love your necklace and ring!

  14. Temporary:Secretary says replies2 May 2011

    You have good taste in jewellery! x

  15. Alex says replies2 May 2011

    oh my GOSH! you guys actually call a trunk a boot over there! I didn’t think that was true :) that makes me so happy and your accessories are amazing! also, your hair color is gorgeous!

  16. CORIEE.com says replies2 May 2011


  17. Emily Divine. says replies2 May 2011

    Thanks everyone, you guys are all so kind! The Barry M lip colour is 147, I love it!

    Haha, yes Alex we really call it a boot! I guess it is a bit odd :)

    Mimi – I’ll be reviewing the pens when I get them through the post, so keep an eye out!

    Hope you’re all ok :) xxx

  18. Natasha Green ★ says replies2 May 2011

    love the lipstick and that cute little t-shirt! xx

  19. Is This Real Life? says replies2 May 2011

    Ooh i love your ring its fab and that necklace is beautiful too!

  20. G.I.S. says replies2 May 2011

    Hello Emily! i´m Gis, from ifb. I love your necklace and your ring, are stunning! And i like simple outfits like yours, sometimes, we don´t need more for be pretty.
    I follow you!


  21. Sweetie Snobster says replies2 May 2011

    LOVE the layout of your blog & loveee the jewelery! fantastic job!

  22. Hannah says replies2 May 2011

    love the outfit, it’s really nice just to wear a plain top sometimes and I adore that bow necklace, it’s lovely =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  23. Emy says replies2 May 2011

    Emily you look beautiful! That ring looks amazing! I freaking loveee H&M as welll!

  24. Shirin says replies3 May 2011

    Love your outfit! Just to let you know, I’ve given you the One Lovely Blog Award! :)


  25. Emily Divine. says replies3 May 2011

    Thanks everyone! I’m glad it’s not just me that likes a simple outfit with good jewellery now and again!

    Emily xxx

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