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Did I mention some changes were happening in these parts? Seeing as this blog has been around for 4 years now (high fives to anyone that can remember it when it was hosted on my .blogspot address!), I thought it was time for a real freshen up! I also thought it would perfectly coincide with all the other changes that you may notice – but more on that in a moment…!

I hope you’ll agree that it’s got a little more life to it. It feels so much more….well, me! You’ll notice there are many more pages and much more information dotted about for you to read, so do enjoy exploring and taking a look around. Everything works seamlessly and should be so much easier to navigate, so I hope you’ll think that the experience is better than ever. I have to thank Lisa for all her hard work and creativity, taking my somewhat bizarre sketches and vague ideas, and turning them in to something so fantastic. I couldn’t recommend her enough, she is entirely magic.


What were those other changes I’ve been rambling on about? Well, you’ll see for yourself soon but let’s just say it’s my way of saying goodbye to a blog that is entirely made up of personal style, cos let’s face it, it was never overly interesting by itself, was it?

Say hello to a whole variety of content – travel to life lessons, fashion and photography to food and style to magical thinking. Welcome to the new EmilyDivine.com. I’ve dedicated my own life to making the most of those little moments and turning them in to ones I’ll remember forever. This is now a space in which I’ll be showing you how you can too, how you can really and truly make life magic.

Be sure to add me on Bloglovin so you don’t miss my updates! I hope you’ll stick with me and come along for the ride, it’s going to be completely and utterly kick-ass. x

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  1. sara says replies7 September 2014

    love this so much. cant wait to see what you have in store for us!

  2. Tamsin | A Certain Adventure says replies12 September 2014

    So exciting! Your new design is absolutely fantastic, Emily – I love the calligraphy-style titles! Everything looks super clear and interesting. Looking forward to the new content! xx

  3. MJ Valentine says replies18 September 2014

    Emily Divine, you ARE divine – and so is your gorgeous blog! i can’t wait to see what you come up with next. X

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