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  1. missy_ellie_uk says replies12 September 2011

    How exciting! Gorgeous photos too x

  2. Farrah Abigaelle says replies12 September 2011

    Wow congratulations that’s big! If I was ever in Rolling Stones for music, I would go nuts!

  3. Jennifer Rose says replies12 September 2011

    Emily that is amazing, congratulations! Such a pretty picture too.

  4. Arabella says replies12 September 2011

    aw thats amazing 😀

  5. www.blahblahbecky.co.uk says replies12 September 2011

    AMAZING, well done you!

  6. aprettyobsession says replies12 September 2011

    Woowwwwwww that’s cool congratulations xx

  7. Ellie Rose says replies12 September 2011

    Well done, you must feel very proud right now :)

  8. emmarose says replies12 September 2011

    Thats so cool! You look lovely in the pictures! X

  9. Temporary:Secretary says replies12 September 2011

    Congratulations on this piece of coverage! x

  10. Emily Ulrich says replies12 September 2011

    So exciting! Oh my, I can’t even begin to fathom how excited you must be! Congratulations, and well deserved press.

  11. Dreams That Glitter xoxo says replies12 September 2011

    Oh my goodness how exciting, and ELLE! That’s super, super exciting, congratulations!


  12. Coco (The Style Notebook) says replies13 September 2011

    Congrats! I love this blog :)


  13. Trianna says replies13 September 2011

    How wonderful! Seriously exciting for anyone! Congrats!!

  14. Amy says replies13 September 2011

    You look cute. Well done!


  15. Hero and Cape says replies13 September 2011

    Thats awesome! Pictures are really nice as well! Your mum must be so proud of you if she’s showing everyone!

  16. Ginger Pickle says replies13 September 2011

    aw wow how exciting!!

    Jade x

  17. Anonymous says replies14 September 2011


  18. Lauren says replies15 September 2011

    What an amazing opportunity! You look very pretty in the photos! Congrats on an excellent feature!


  19. The Style Rawr says replies16 September 2011

    OMGosh amazing! You look so beautiful too!
    Frame it! 😉

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