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At little past 7 in the morning, Lorna and I met with sleep still in our eyes and fighting off yawns. Soon, our sleepy daze was replaced with chatter like we had known each other for an age rather than the mere minutes and giggling could be heard as naughty dogs did unmentionable things on the belongings we had left scattered across the ground. The day was filled with feelings of discovery and excitement as we wandered together, considerably fitting (although completely unintentional) as this shoot was all about the explorer inside us all and joyous Adventure.

I hope you’re all enjoying each new fashion photography series I share and peeks in to my portfolio, for I am rather fond of showing you and so overwhelmed by all of the kindness you have shown me. Whilst my portfolio website is being rebuilt, I have set up a Facebook page for those that want to keep up to date – it would make me feel all warm inside if each of you came and gave it a like or said hello (you can find it here).

I left our shoot with a giant smile across my face, for Lorna danced in the trees, ran and climbed with all the energy and spirit that I would have done myself. I feel so honoured to have been able to capture so many images of such a beautiful soul as she.

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  1. Ashleigh - says replies1 June 2014


  2. Jeanne says replies2 June 2014
  3. Laura//daisychaindream says replies2 June 2014

    These are gorgeous! x

  4. Sara says replies2 June 2014

    You. Are. So. Talented.

  5. Hannah Antin says replies2 June 2014

    I love the first photo! so gorgeous!


  6. Emma Kelly says replies2 June 2014

    You are so stunning!

  7. ~ becky ~ says replies2 June 2014

    these are super gorgeous photos, emily!


  8. Naomi-Elizabeth says replies5 June 2014

    Such beautiful photos! I love the lighting.

    N xo

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