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  1. Chantelle Thomas says replies16 November 2011

    Love your coat and its so nice that it was your Mums too! x

  2. Soph says replies16 November 2011

    You beautiful lady!

  3. k f e d l a n d says replies16 November 2011

    What a lovely coat, and even lovelier that it was your mums! It’s a perfect colour too!
    And your bag is gorgeous, h&m bags are ace, I have one which i alwaysssss use!x

  4. rachel says replies16 November 2011

    Amazing outfit, the look is so strong even with the subtle make up! x

  5. Farrah Abigaelle says replies16 November 2011

    I like the background of the photos the brick wall makes your coat “pop”. I’m not a huge fan of fur coats but yours looks subtle so that’s good!
    Farrah’s Muse

  6. Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog says replies16 November 2011

    Great outfit.The faux fur coat is amazing. You are very lucky to have such a stylish mum. Also ideal for this cold weather. Thanks so much for entering the competition.

  7. Anonymous says replies16 November 2011

    gorgeous look

  8. Anonymous says replies16 November 2011

    What a beautiful smile!

  9. thefashionminx says replies16 November 2011

    I love your faux fur coat! Amazing, I wish I could find one just like that! Love your style too! xooxo


  10. Arabella says replies16 November 2011

    loving the faux! and the allegras of course, comfiest shoe in the entire world. x

  11. Victoria says replies16 November 2011

    fur coat is such a rich color and goes beautifully with your hair!


  12. Sugar sweet says replies17 November 2011

    love the outfit, wish I could buy that coat! Still want some allegras like yours too!x

  13. kathi says replies17 November 2011

    These are beautiful pictures!
    I once had a 60 people-tourist group pass by me really close, when we took outfit pictures… most of them stopped and looked weird.. haha, hated it!

  14. Jen says replies17 November 2011

    I’ve had people ask if I want them to take the pics for me when I’ve used a tripod. I’m like uhhhh no thanks go away haha. Love the coat! Gorgeous look. xx

  15. Mademoiselle Lala says replies17 November 2011

    You can write to Bloglovin’ so they change your details and all your previous followers will be following with the new address – that’s what I’ve done and it took them only a couple of hours. X


  16. Saffy says replies17 November 2011

    Beautiful! Love the outfit! Xx

  17. lady liquor vintage. says replies17 November 2011

    your coat is absolutely gorgeous!


  18. Lola says replies18 November 2011

    Stunning coat, wish I could buy it somewhere! X

  19. Kelly says replies18 November 2011

    Love that coat! Gorgeous, goes so well with your hair colouring.
    That bag is pretty special, not surprised it’s attached to you all the time at the mo. :)

  20. Jojo says replies18 November 2011

    Stunner! Never a bad pic!

  21. Anonymous says replies18 November 2011


  22. t says replies20 November 2011
  23. Lu says replies21 November 2011

    Gorgeous girl, you look beautiful even without much makeup!


  24. AmyBell says replies21 November 2011

    What an amazing blog, you’re so beautiful! and that coat is gorgeous. I’ll go follow you on bloglovin’ now!


  25. Side Street Style says replies21 November 2011

    Love love love this jacket and outfit….it’s so now but also vintage…beautiful blog as always.

    Laura x

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