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  1. MJ says replies21 September 2011

    I’m a biiiiiig fan of that dark lipstick, unsurprisingly!

  2. Mademoiselle Lala says replies21 September 2011

    Oh WOW! You look amazing in this lipstick!!! It suits you so well! X


  3. Misseblog says replies21 September 2011

    You look gorgeous xx

  4. Emily Divine says replies21 September 2011

    thanks guys, it’s so nice to hear your feedback! Reckon i’ll use the revlon more! X

  5. Temporary:Secretary says replies21 September 2011

    You girls look stunning! <3

  6. Helen says replies21 September 2011

    I love your make up, it’s soooo glamorous

  7. Jo says replies21 September 2011

    Ooh! Hair extension give-away!! I’m totally worthy b/c I got my hair cut yesterday and they basically chopped off way more than I wanted… I also going out with a guy I really like next weekend and my barnet’s been hacked off, so I need all the help I can get, seriously. Love the blog, BTW. PS Where did your friend get her shoes in the post above? I love ’em! x

  8. Victoria says replies22 September 2011

    Just discovered your blog. It’s lovely. That lipstick is intense and I love it.

    Check me out at http://curiouschase.blogspot.com

  9. Rachel says replies22 September 2011

    You look really pretty, I like the lipstick a lot. Will have to try and get some.

  10. daisychain says replies22 September 2011

    that lipstick is amazing on you! x

  11. Anonymous says replies12 July 2014

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