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  1. dinoprincesschar says replies20 July 2011

    i love your nails in these pics! and well done on such a bargain with that skirt!
    i love the shoes as well, i think i need some bertie shoes in my collection, one day, when the money gods smile down on me :)

  2. lovelace says replies20 July 2011

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. lovelace says replies20 July 2011

    Great outfit!!! Love the massive rings!!! Thanx for friendship at IFB and, sure do this FAQ page…I would like to ask you something but I’ll do it via e-mail…cheers

  4. Coco says replies20 July 2011

    That outfit is so chic, I LOVE it!! Especially the nail polish 😉


  5. Temporary:Secretary says replies20 July 2011

    You look super gorgeous! x

  6. Mademoiselle Lala says replies21 July 2011

    My question: Why did you decide to blog? and What are your inspirations? :)

    I’ve been also thinking about FAQ page. :) Can’t wait to see yours! X


  7. Emy says replies21 July 2011

    Oh Emily you are so beautiful! I love your nails too!


  8. Despina T. says replies21 July 2011

    beautiful dress and so cute jewelry :)
    i am following you cos i really like your style and your blog is very nice.follow back if u want dear.

  9. Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle says replies21 July 2011

    I love your dress is so pretty!! and absolutely adore your nails!!!

    <3 Marina

  10. Mingsen Locke says replies23 July 2011

    thx for ur email on ifb. I like ur blog very much and following now.
    Maybe u want to have a look on my blog.
    I would appreciate it, if u left a comment.



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