I’m not sure what it is about rather disheveled looking buildings that makes me want to snap photographs in front of. Don’t get me wrong, quaint streets and georgian buildings give off an air of romance, but perhaps it’s the contrast of a run down backdrop and a quite put-together outfit that appeals to me.

The location in question is down a back street in the centre of my town. During a day of meetings for some social media and freelance writing work I’ve been hired for, though not forgetting meeting my beloved for a spot of lunch and a cuppa in between, I thought I may as well capture my outfit du jour. When working freelance, I don’t necessarily like to dress overly smart for meetings – this cutesy playsuit paired with my patent black courts and my leather jacket gave quite the smart-casual look I was going for.

Not forgetting to mention my lust-worthy locket of course. A new addition to my jewellery box that I fell in love with at first sight (dramatic perhaps, but true!). Something about initialed lockets that fills me with child like excitement, no doubt it sends me back to the days when I wore one of those horrific alice bands with my name written on, in what was probably a glitter glue pen or something. You remember the ones, right? Whoops, slightly off topic. Who cares where the love stems from – what’s not to love? From the cute font ‘E’ to the floral border – it’s barely left my neck.

Playsuit – Bliss | Jacket – Vintage | Locket – Astrid and Rose | Shoes – Sarenza 

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  1. emmerliejay says replies26 June 2013

    This is such a gorgeous outfit :)
    The necklace is cute too, and as a fellow Emily I wish I had it!
    emmerliejay x

  2. VioletDaffodils says replies26 June 2013

    what a beautiful playsuit 😀 xx

  3. A Standard Day... says replies26 June 2013

    I swear you put together the best outfits, it’s so unfair! Everything is so unbelievable cute and adorable!

    hope you had a lovely day


    A standard day…

  4. Helen Le Caplain says replies26 June 2013

    What a gorgeous playsuit – think I need to get myself one in time for the sunshine!


  5. Katie says replies26 June 2013

    You look lovely, amazing outfit!
    Laura Marling!! Love her new album, do you? xx

  6. Rosie W says replies26 June 2013

    Gorgeous Emily :) looks great on you
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  7. Maddy says replies26 June 2013

    Love the playsuit, such a gorgeous print! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  8. Rebecca says replies26 June 2013

    this romper is absolutely lovely on you!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  9. Georgie Lowen says replies26 June 2013

    Great outfit! Love the jacket… wish I could pull off a leather jacket!



  10. Ashlee jenna says replies27 June 2013

    Love that outfit and lip color too, you look fantastic!

    Latest Fashion Trends 2013

  11. Kelly says replies27 June 2013

    Gorgeous locket. Goes perfectly with your outfit.

  12. Kim says replies27 June 2013

    This playsuit is lovely. You look gorgeous :) x

  13. Amy says replies28 June 2013

    You look gorgeous. Love the shoes and really love the locket!


  14. Ester Durães says replies28 June 2013

    wow you look so pretty, Emily! I have to say I am in love with your locket, I need one for myself!

    Drawing Dreaming

  15. Bailey Melvin-Teng says replies28 June 2013

    I love the post title, Laura Marling is a goddess.
    The playsuit is gorgeous, such a lovely colour.
    Bailey xo http://besemtee.blogspot.co.uk/

  16. myrtle says replies9 July 2013

    OH my! Love this one.=D

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